it’s been a WHIIILE, mate. if you didn’t know ans haven’t been keeping track of his movements over the past year, Wretch has been quietly heating up again. the kettle whistled long time. if you didn’t catch it, then peak. yuh tea nah brew up just yet, and this kinda stuff is too cold for any nation to bear.

this is the [real] “fire.” DI REAL, MY LARD! BLESS the brudda Wretch for continuing to give us nothing but his everything.

POWERS inna di locs, warriyah.


Classic Black Grape nah Fruit Punch

I feel like, out of the whole Grime scene, only Kano could do this like this โ€” and so well. Purely because I feel like, for the past 10 years +, he’s been the one embodying what it is to be British and proud of it. Whilst you be tuned into culture globally, may you never stray from what yours is.

The energy last night at the O2 Institute in Brum when “3 Wheel-Ups” and “GarageSkankFREESTYLE” dropped was different by the way. I missed, like, the first 10/15 mins of the show โ€” including the start of Flow of the Year” ๐Ÿ˜  โ€” according to JayKae, lol! Was all cool, though. Just pissed if I missed “Nite Nite” really.