Buss da GEMS

you know it’s a quality interview when Westwood isn’t asking questions and lets a guy such as Bussa Buss drop insights, knowledge, stories all from his own personal experience & observation.

i’m glad that Busta touched on the gap between the beginning of hip-hop and where it’s gotten to now; its current juncture. it’s important that guys like Buss are around “to remind,” like he said and spoke of Q-Tip and the other “gatekeepers” of the culture.

P.S. Busta Rhymes i.m.o, is definitely one of the greatest rappers in hip-hop to touch it. nothing but respect for an OG such as him, 25 years in; with it being such a blessing to have him still relevant and willing to contribute to what’s going on; feeling discontent with what he’s done for the ting thus far. and if his next album is really what he’s cracking it up to be, then i’m supe-r-eady to hear what he threw in the cauldron.

what was going on with Westwood’s hand, though?

I need to cut my nails

KILLA! Gotta respect Westwood for giving us these veterans’ vault shit.

At one point, this really was my favourite music video back in the day.

Recently got round to hearing Black Mozart and MZRT after so much prolonging it and delay, but still, nothing he’s done over the past 3 years or so really touches this (maybe “Lay Down”). Rick Ross, aka “Rozay,” aka “Renzel” (lol), fucked up by not jumping on this. It was practically made for him… Like, the title alone.

Got a lot more throwbacks in my head where that came from [to give you]. I could say “why not?” and give away all the ones I had potentially planned to post here. Made decision to keep it to a strict three though, for now.