Chillin’ in the presence of Blythe

I just thought of this outta nowhere, just because I was rapping, “God knows I don’t wanna go prison…”

“Underdog Psychosis” is something I cite as an early eye-opener for me. It could’ve been anybody saying the same words, sitting in that same room, behind the same camera but the fact that it was Skepta, I think, did something way more for me. To hear it from him. And this was one of the realest things I’d ever heard from anybody at the time. It just spoke to me. Skepta was letting us all know about “They” from time ago, my G.

I hope you can grab some good from this. I won’t ever forget this video, and I don’t know when will be the last time I sit and watch it. May it be as good as it has been to me, to you, like the Chuckles.

Mature Takes

I don’t know if maturity does come with age, but either way, I respect any show of a mature take on a subject.

Myke C-Town the realest. Sophie got the knowledge I wish more girls looked up to and aspired to acquire, because there’s nothing wrong with being clued up, babe.

Much big ups to DeadEndHipHop.

Acceptance > Approval

The more and more I see things like this, and hear [people’s] stories about struggles with everyday life due to not feeling like their true self, the more open my mind gets. I’ve just been educated.


It’s been something I’ve always questioned, but I genuinely believe that “gender” is bullshit now. I used to be one of those guys who thought you aren’t born in / into whatever your soul considers you to be, and that it was a matter of “preference.” I can’t ignore that nurture exists; but I feel like though you may be molded into something – it’s something you’re not; that you never were meant to be by nature. Nature is who you are; that’s always going to be home to you.

But what’s really important? Well, I agree with the statement about “what liberates you.”

Praises to this guy human being. Thank you for sharing ‘the knowing.’ Thought it’d only be right I share this video today.


Just watch and listen, my brudda.

I’d be lying if I said this guy hasn’t been one of my major influences in terms of how one articulates oneself when speaking on a matter.

I’ll just say watch and listen. Out of all people I’ve heard speak, not many have done so with such knowlegic (knowledge + logic). I’ve nothing to add, because I’ve pretty much parallel beliefs and opinions, so yeah… In a way he’s speaking for me, just not with my spirit, of course being him. Not much else to be said though, lol!

Except, oh shit yeah… Yesterday I watched two documentary films :

REINCARNATION (2012 documentary film starring Snoop Dogg/Lion) and actually thought that was a decent watch – especially just to hear Snoop speak on coming from the mindstate he was at, to his most recent.

Also—fortunately I found a link for this one lmao—THE ARTIST IS PRESENT (2010, starring Marina Abramovic), which I was meaning to check out from back in 2013? I’m actually glad to have done so now;

Because, [ A ] I realized how close-minded I was towards the idea of what “Art” truly is; and that it does come in waaay more forms than the regular we’re being shown on a daily basis – so it was frankly refreshing to say the least.

And then, [ B ] I was reveled in how even more open-minded it made me and has inspired me to push myself and do what I want to do no matter how “weird” or “wild” such may appear to the receiver.

By the way, it’s not exactly [I don’t like it unless it’s] BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW… but hear this and just groove, baby – groove (and try keep yours on):

Also, just because I tend to listen to at least one of my ‘soul’ CDs in my stereo on a Sunday as part of my very own hosted #SoulSundays (lmfao), I thought I’d share a song from the album (Get Lifted) I’m listening to right now as I write this (edited this part in aI write this (edited this part in between 23:13 & 23:19).

Anyways, those are my recommendations. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know if there’s anything you think is worth me checking out. And… Yeah – Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and gear up for a choiced good week – i.e. choose to enjoy yourself!




I just saw that it’s Anti-Bullying week, so it was fitting to write something quick.

“Bullying” ain’t a joke, yo.

I think that it’s something taken a bit too lightly by many folk; and obliviously so. Bullying to me, is something that we don’t pay enough mind or attention to until it really gets serious; to a point where somebody is really hurt. It comes in many shapes and forms, that, it can be easily masqueraded – which is why I said that it seems to be taken so lightly.

Is it that a clear definition clearly hasn’t been established enough for people to know when they’re one and doing unto one (bullying); is it a complex within that resides with a past of troubles, no matter what the multitude of such, be it ‘I was once bullied,’ or ‘I was never loved.’ It can get deep.

I do think that it’s important we don’t continue to ignore signs or the action itself taking place; however that be. To not stay ignorant to such a thing. Learn if you weren’t taught.

Seen before my very eyes, I know when it’s clearly not “banter,” and certainly probably isn’t to many.

To be sensitive of another’s feelings or existence (whatever you wish to call it) makes you no weaker. It’s the having the consideration for the next person. Don’t beat down on them – please.

Like I said: it really ain’t a joke.