HAT’S OFF, 2015. CAP ON 2015.

2015: THEE best year of my liFe, because, I…

Accepted, embraced and became one with myselF. I now wear my hearing aids more; am less ashamed of my middle name; very happy with my “nappy” hair.

Got blessed with a role that’s worked in my Favour; and through such, I’ve acquired skills that have helped in my life outside of work. ConFidence level has risen higher than ever.

Did more than double oF what my blog did in stats in 2014 – though this was never important in the First place, I saw growth as a writer.

Launched a brand, a website, and a campaign, on my birthday – which I’m Furthering, next year.

Started off, and in plenty cases, got things done that I’d have probably procrastinated over in previous years… no, wait – I did do that beFore.

Carry less shame with me, since I now know myselF a bit more. Some things, I didn’t do, but… rather than Feel remorseFul, I’ve began to understand why, now. Everything is For a reason; things are Fit For and serve purposes within their own rights. HopeFully next year, I utilise myselF more eFFectively and can do things better, oF course.

Had many “ups and downs” just like I believe any other one oF us did; some, potentially more than others – that’s OK though, because, through counting my blessings, I just elevated as a person. And, in 2016, I encourage you to do the same. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a perfect liFe – but you’ll learn to appreciate yours.

If you’re out tonight on New Year’s Eve, celebrating, stay safe. And, for tomorrow: HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2016 is on its way. Thank you to EVERYBODY who’s supported me this year. Couldn’t show enough of how thankful I am, I swear it to you.

Blessings, Love, Powers.