LSNCLR’s ‘Subtle Changes, 8th August’ | photo by Krystle Sinclair

Feeling SUPER accomplished & fulfilled (a creator’s geek-out moment/wet dream)

Always wanted to try my hand in recreating a photograph, and was so keen to recreate the original (left) that it became like a sickly disease. Thought it would be interesting to see the changes between this year and last.

Big up Krystle, for putting up and having patience — we managed to get a near-duplicate (right).




It’s just nice seeing two kids together playing, getting along – let alone them be related.

Family is something important; keeps me grounded. Reminds me what’s really worth investing your time in – the people that you share a mutual love with. Life is about and revolved around a whole heap of things, a lot in which can take over you, have you caught up. I’ve often lost touch, but when I’m around what’s REALLY prime and right to be around – I’m good.

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