LSNCLR’s ‘Subtle Changes, 8th August’ | photo by Krystle Sinclair

Feeling SUPER accomplished & fulfilled (a creator’s geek-out moment/wet dream)

Always wanted to try my hand in recreating a photograph, and was so keen to recreate the original (left) that it became like a sickly disease. Thought it would be interesting to see the changes between this year and last.

Big up Krystle, for putting up and having patience — we managed to get a near-duplicate (right).


Long Live The Ninth Wonder’s Legacy


Thank you, Joanie Laurer aka “Chyna” from WWF 😭 massive part of my childhood; a chunk has gone/left now. R.I.P. Wow, man. What sad new to hear just, like, an hour after waking up. It’s really R.I.P. to all the ones gone, though. They’ve no choice but to put her in the Hall of Fame now — regardless of the past things she did; I mean, didn’t X-Pac? clearly some things need to be gone over and there’s still some inequality going on (talking to you, Paul Levesque! Yeah, your real name). All these wrestlers be dying in their forties. Still got memories of long, way far back to when I thought Chyna & Xena, Warrior Princess were the same person — yeah… those days. Fact I’ll never get to meet some of my idols, greatest influences, or people who I looked up to as a kid, thanks to death unfortunately. Let the legacy live on, though — and please don’t let silliness diminish it. This woman deserves probably more credit than, let alone the same as Lita & Trish [Stratus]. One of the saddest parts for me, actually, is that I don’t believe — not say that the respects paid weren’t genuine — but that the majority of the ones who paid respects didn’t truly care for and about her, really.

Always set to be remembered as part of my life, Chyna.