Buss da GEMS

you know it’s a quality interview when Westwood isn’t asking questions and lets a guy such as Bussa Buss drop insights, knowledge, stories all from his own personal experience & observation.

i’m glad that Busta touched on the gap between the beginning of hip-hop and where it’s gotten to now; its current juncture. it’s important that guys like Buss are around “to remind,” like he said and spoke of Q-Tip and the other “gatekeepers” of the culture.

P.S. Busta Rhymes i.m.o, is definitely one of the greatest rappers in hip-hop to touch it. nothing but respect for an OG such as him, 25 years in; with it being such a blessing to have him still relevant and willing to contribute to what’s going on; feeling discontent with what he’s done for the ting thus far. and if his next album is really what he’s cracking it up to be, then i’m supe-r-eady to hear what he threw in the cauldron.

what was going on with Westwood’s hand, though?

Very special CLOWTH

If there had to be someone responsible for this, it was Khaled – rightfully so. Was this the full thing, or was the live Beats1 stream on Apple Music longer? I need to hear it, if that’s the case.

As much as I’d love an in-depth with Big Boy, Sway (when he’s asking the right things), Tavis Smiley, or Snoop just for the exchange of their look-in on the early 90s – only Khaled would ask these types of questions; being such a “fanboy” of Esco, lmao! Especially because I feel the same way about “Hate Me Now” and Belly, as I’m sure others do, too. But Khaled brought the word to light.

So big up Khaled! The hating gotta stop. If not, then you’re just really playing tchyourself. #CLOTH

Just watch and listen, my brudda.

I’d be lying if I said this guy hasn’t been one of my major influences in terms of how one articulates oneself when speaking on a matter.

I’ll just say watch and listen. Out of all people I’ve heard speak, not many have done so with such knowlegic (knowledge + logic). I’ve nothing to add, because I’ve pretty much parallel beliefs and opinions, so yeah… In a way he’s speaking for me, just not with my spirit, of course being him. Not much else to be said though, lol!

Except, oh shit yeah… Yesterday I watched two documentary films :

REINCARNATION (2012 documentary film starring Snoop Dogg/Lion) and actually thought that was a decent watch – especially just to hear Snoop speak on coming from the mindstate he was at, to his most recent.

Also—fortunately I found a link for this one lmao—THE ARTIST IS PRESENT (2010, starring Marina Abramovic), which I was meaning to check out from back in 2013? I’m actually glad to have done so now;

Because, [ A ] I realized how close-minded I was towards the idea of what “Art” truly is; and that it does come in waaay more forms than the regular we’re being shown on a daily basis – so it was frankly refreshing to say the least.

And then, [ B ] I was reveled in how even more open-minded it made me and has inspired me to push myself and do what I want to do no matter how “weird” or “wild” such may appear to the receiver.

By the way, it’s not exactly [I don’t like it unless it’s] BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW… but hear this and just groove, baby – groove (and try keep yours on):

Also, just because I tend to listen to at least one of my ‘soul’ CDs in my stereo on a Sunday as part of my very own hosted #SoulSundays (lmfao), I thought I’d share a song from the album (Get Lifted) I’m listening to right now as I write this (edited this part in aI write this (edited this part in between 23:13 & 23:19).

Anyways, those are my recommendations. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know if there’s anything you think is worth me checking out. And… Yeah – Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and gear up for a choiced good week – i.e. choose to enjoy yourself!



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