Well, “the plan was…” to post a couple throwback tunes. So, I go onto YouTube to search for Katy B—as I did hours ago also—and ended up on a fairly recent jazzoint.

Now, this all stemmed from me trying to remember an instrumental — that would end up being “Rhythm & Gash” — as I know that Benga sampled it on Katy’s 2010 single, “Katy On A Mission…” during that time period of me trying to suss it out, I thought I’d revisit an old track to pass time (“Broken Record”). But yeah, after that, I see a thumbnail for her latest release and collaboration with Craig David and Major Lazer; and of course with me not being active on social media anymore and not subscribed to her channel (I need to get my subscription game up TIGHT, nay snobbery). Alright, so, I’m listening to the song, and… I won’t say it was DREADFUL as such – but Craig David and Katy B could’ve been something waaaaaaaay better; and that artist combination sounds like a dream to me. Anyway – fast forward; I stumble upon THIS:

Thank goodness the Katy I know is still there. Lord knows it’d hurt me to see the artist who held a vast part of riddim within the collection of sonics that my life once was [back in late 2010/early 2011] be lost, yana.

But yeah. Here. Have this beauty of a record anyway. If you ain’t heard it, then I guess I’m the one breaking it to you – and prou~gladly so.


Top-down musicccc

This is where I could’ve honestly done with Spotify or Apple Music, lol. Devotion and The 20/20 Experience in the stereo for me today, though.

To me, there’s no limitation on what’s soul music, when it hits your soul and you can feel/recognise the soul in it.

Happy #SoulfulSundays