Buss da GEMS

you know it’s a quality interview when Westwood isn’t asking questions and lets a guy such as Bussa Buss drop insights, knowledge, stories all from his own personal experience & observation.

i’m glad that Busta touched on the gap between the beginning of hip-hop and where it’s gotten to now; its current juncture. it’s important that guys like Buss are around “to remind,” like he said and spoke of Q-Tip and the other “gatekeepers” of the culture.

P.S. Busta Rhymes i.m.o, is definitely one of the greatest rappers in hip-hop to touch it. nothing but respect for an OG such as him, 25 years in; with it being such a blessing to have him still relevant and willing to contribute to what’s going on; feeling discontent with what he’s done for the ting thus far. and if his next album is really what he’s cracking it up to be, then i’m supe-r-eady to hear what he threw in the cauldron.

what was going on with Westwood’s hand, though?


Why the F*** ain’t they F****N’…

put the short film out first, then the EP?


I listened to the [TWENTY88] EP when it dropped 12 days ago, right. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling it as a whole. When I found out they were releasing it, I was like “OH, MAN.” on a double-edged. One side of me was thinking this could be the heaviest collaboration in a gooood while. Other side of me thought it could go terribly wrong. Post-listening, I’m happy to say it was met somewhere in the middle, though I felt as though it could have been pushed further artistically, exceeding what fell short and lacked the full go-for, since I know that they have potential and that their divine chemistry checks in all boxes. With each of their musical prowesses combined, I know for a fact they could have reached higher heights because the caption idea alone for this work was phenomenal. So yeah, it just would have been nice for them both to have that to their names and on their belts. It’s a shame, because this film made me actually appreciate the music.

I hope they don’t drop any music videos for TWENTY88 after this unless it’s going to be of the upppperest standartierchelonevelmountain — you can’t butcher greatness like this. Hats off to the director specifically for this visual [it] was capitable (don’t know what that is except it’s a new word from me and sounds serious and praising sharp excellence, lol) — the concept of the EP all makes sense and was put into wonderful contex~perspective (another one) by the film itself, which encapsulated the music with such ease.


Yeah. Basically a side note and something that I personally wanna know. Is Sean & Jhené fuggin’? I know, “friends…” “acting” and all that — much added that Jhené is supposedly married as well — but c’mon, Sean.


Those sex scenes, too!? (Sorry to spoil there). MESSAGE [to all]: Don’t ever try fool me.

Anyhoe… enjoy the film! The end kinda creeped me out? I’m beginning to believe that some of these artists (Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid LP, Snoop Dogg’s “California Rolls” music video) might be onto something and holding knowledge that many of us don’t know… though it ain’t exactly rocket — no pun intended — “if you know, you know?” And thank fizzuck that Vevo posted this (I weren’t about to fall for the TIDAL wave, get hooked and pay £20-suttum — sorry Jigga… not like you ain’t got mo money than me, rich nigga).

~ FreedOfDaConcern ~

This one might be the most amazing speech I ever heard. And that painting is just incredible; making me want to create something great… and then again… then again… and again.

“… it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it might come to pass.”

Thank you for the suggess, Abi, you Absolute boss~ess!

And also, just a general thank you to all people helping me through my weeks; giving me a chance to release whatever it is I need to, in order for me to let my ship sail rather than sink. Everything always comes back into sync for Sinc, somehow. Thank you, Universe; God, doe allowing that.

Waiting for a while…

Ever since the other night (Sunday), watching TV just hasn’t been the same for me.

When I come across powerful, heavy TV shows, it just isn’t that easy for me to jump into a next series. A Different World and Friday Nights Light — as I’ve made clear, I imagine — were that for me. It’s hard to lighten up after those.

Me, I came from a household with elders who wouldstay watching Trouble on TV (i.y.k.y.k), so I grew up onFresh-Prince, My Wife and Kids, City Guys, Moesha, Martin, The Parkers, Hang Time, One on One; you name it – and then later on when they started airing them; The Cosby Show and Diff’rent Strokes. The likes of the tail-end shows [from the late 70s & early 80s] were so cool to me when I was in secondary school; getting to see what really started off and paved way for those shows from the 90s that I know so many of us love, whether that be 70s, 80s or 90s babies. There’s a reason [why] they were so great and beloved.

So, Yo. When I got onto A Different World, which I had only learned about at like, 17? I’m still pissed that “they” hid it from me, really. I can see why now. I wonder, like, ‘what if A Different World was on TV when I was a kid?’ Would I have embraced my skin colour more; would I have learned from early and been proud of this like I am now and as such plus much.

I started out in love with Denise Huggstable (no typo) in season 1 — back when shit was bland, thank GOODNESS for Debbie Allen being in the house! — and ended up falling in LOVE with Whitley (Dwayne, you inspired me, and now I know for CERTAIN MOOOSTTT that I’ll get the right girl who I want to travel along with me in this life… One “fairy-tale” depicted up on T.V. that I  DO believe in if there ever was one; mind you, all their asses was fine by season 5. Last scene on the finale nearly made me shed tears… No Will in the house alone ending, but I felt it. That type of comradery between two brothers could never be kilt by money — it’s just not powerful enough to match wid it. Think I’ma properly move on [up] to The Jeffersons, as well as Good Times, next.

As for FNL, I learned a lot from watching all five seasons… but what was bigger than that show for me, was more of just the reminder I felt like I needed every time I felt like I was falling off. So I’ll put it like this:

Eric Taylor reminded me of what Pride and a Fair game for all is. Tami Taylor reminded me to be that one who cares. Tim Riggins reminded me that your mishaps aren’t always a reflection of who you are at core; being someone who deep-down, led with the kindest intentions. Even Tyra Collette, who reminded me that I’ve gotta make something of myself — even though people are only waiting to see me fail like I may have done in the past… Re-edit history in a better light for your own future. Landry Clarke reminded me to persist. Matt Saracen reminded me to stay humble. In way-polar-opp to the former, Brian “Smash” Williams reminded me that you better know you good. Vince Howard reminder me you can turn your life around. Jess Merriweather reminded me to stay resilient and get your worth, regardless.

Clear Eyes • Full Hearts • Can’t Lose •

Don’t think I’ll forget that for as long as I live.

All in all, I’m just happy with what both shows covered and could offer to my life at the most fitting time. Show appreciation for the things that pass time and give you a sense of comfort in such a world where it’s way too easy to fall victim to how cold and uncomfortable it can really get. They just took my life, you know?

Thank you once again, Netflix. For real, you’ve just gotta find the right programs to watch; and persevere with them – they’ll be good to you.


Chillin’ in the presence of Blythe

I just thought of this outta nowhere, just because I was rapping, “God knows I don’t wanna go prison…”

“Underdog Psychosis” is something I cite as an early eye-opener for me. It could’ve been anybody saying the same words, sitting in that same room, behind the same camera but the fact that it was Skepta, I think, did something way more for me. To hear it from him. And this was one of the realest things I’d ever heard from anybody at the time. It just spoke to me. Skepta was letting us all know about “They” from time ago, my G.

I hope you can grab some good from this. I won’t ever forget this video, and I don’t know when will be the last time I sit and watch it. May it be as good as it has been to me, to you, like the Chuckles.

Very special CLOWTH

If there had to be someone responsible for this, it was Khaled – rightfully so. Was this the full thing, or was the live Beats1 stream on Apple Music longer? I need to hear it, if that’s the case.

As much as I’d love an in-depth with Big Boy, Sway (when he’s asking the right things), Tavis Smiley, or Snoop just for the exchange of their look-in on the early 90s – only Khaled would ask these types of questions; being such a “fanboy” of Esco, lmao! Especially because I feel the same way about “Hate Me Now” and Belly, as I’m sure others do, too. But Khaled brought the word to light.

So big up Khaled! The hating gotta stop. If not, then you’re just really playing tchyourself. #CLOTH