Cadence for Decades


Minutes before today began, I finished this, thinking, ‘#ShouldveListenedToTaj.’ Those who know me know that I rarely sleep, but my LOARWD. This is the [only] Trap music I needed all along, after all. I mean, Future’s nice; and Ferg is nice; but Denzel Curry?! I need a shake-up never mind a wake-up. This album got some trap excellence. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like it yet. Plus, dude’s already got one of my favourite voices. The way he delivers the words is so ill and gives each word a purposeful life to live on. If this is how he’s been going on for THREE YEARS… Then I’m just disgusted in myself for letting it take this long time that it has. Great introduction for me to him as an artist for sure; and I’m definitely going back to his catalogue archive. Imperial is already a very strong contender for AOTY along with Bas’ Too High To Riot. Can’t wait to play this some more.

On another note, though… Harry Fraud still dropping these heavy beats for Curren$y and Smoke DZA, whose EP, He Has Risen, is super smooth if you want something with good beats and to listen to if you’re planning to pass half an hour or so. Plus Snoop is pulling verses out his ass these days; and not that bullshit, just phownky [shit]. More than worth peeping it!

Also, gotta rate the new Kano, with his fifth LP, Made In The Manor. Glad he put “Flow of the Year” on – even if it was only a bonus. It’s just serious respect to a guy such as himself, who kept true to those [British] “roots” whilst a lot of the guys at the front wandered off and wasted away their time they could have used to build a legacy, chasing after the approval elsewhere. No disrespect to them, since, clearly they know that now 👀. What’s incredible about him, the way I see it, is that he, even as a pioneer himself, recognises and isn’t shy to pay homage to the Reggae; to the Garage scene; the 2-Step; the Jungle; and just as well: the Grime scene – refusing to ignore Wiley, Dizzee, etc. He’s clearly humble, though one of the most skilled and equipped I’ve seen, from “P’s & Q’s” to “Nite Nite” and then “This Is The Girl” to “Raver…” he’s obviously just versatile with the sound.




Just because I feel like this is important for my people and people in general to see, as BHM comes to a closing. BH everyday, though. We [shall] let it run on. We seen – don’t let them fool you.

If they try to scribble over the evidence, we just pencil in some more, right? Only one way to stop that, and that’s to wipe us out with a rubber which, [I don’t think] even a rubber could prevent us. Tip-ex can’t stop us. It’s unlikely that you can abort the traces and traits will still remain. We’ll keep on taking the chains along with the few pennies you hand us with and make golden chainge.

Mature Takes

I don’t know if maturity does come with age, but either way, I respect any show of a mature take on a subject.

Myke C-Town the realest. Sophie got the knowledge I wish more girls looked up to and aspired to acquire, because there’s nothing wrong with being clued up, babe.

Much big ups to DeadEndHipHop.

Acceptance > Approval

The more and more I see things like this, and hear [people’s] stories about struggles with everyday life due to not feeling like their true self, the more open my mind gets. I’ve just been educated.


It’s been something I’ve always questioned, but I genuinely believe that “gender” is bullshit now. I used to be one of those guys who thought you aren’t born in / into whatever your soul considers you to be, and that it was a matter of “preference.” I can’t ignore that nurture exists; but I feel like though you may be molded into something – it’s something you’re not; that you never were meant to be by nature. Nature is who you are; that’s always going to be home to you.

But what’s really important? Well, I agree with the statement about “what liberates you.”

Praises to this guy human being. Thank you for sharing ‘the knowing.’ Thought it’d only be right I share this video today.