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talk about how the caliber has lowered… in modern day “hip-hop” — if that’s what you wanna call it, the demand for has stooped to an all-time low… and I just saw an all-time great show. NaS, you were right… “Hip-hop IS Dead.”


Last night I attended the Method Man & Redman show at the O2 Institute (Birmingham) and witnessed the art of true emceeing. I now have a top 5 list of top live acts/performers — and I think it’ll be clear who’s #1 after you read this.

I love the odd photo/video here and there, right. so, imagine the only bad thing about the whole night was a good thing. despite struggling to get my phone out, I got to feel the craziest energy I’ve ever set foot in; and quite frankly, I’m glad I couldn’t get my phone out. that bounce going on was disgusting; heads everywhere just rocking. after that, I don’t eeeeuuver wanna hear somebody say that older folks are “too old to party,” because they shut it. Only two cuts into the set and the room was up in some next inferno. so, why I wore my Nike ACG Gore-Tex Performance shell jacket and a Nike Tech Fleece hoodie underneath that? Pshhh, slap me silly. I done told Jake that it was going to take The Throne’s (Jay Z & Kanye West) place on my Top 5. I knew I was in for a treat fortunate to receive.




Meth & Reggie are both in their forties and STILL rocked a stage like that. even danced, too — and in immaculate sync. I don’t know if they’re “yin & yang,” “yin & yin,” or “yang & yang” — but whatever it is they are, they’re a duo that’s one of a kind and one that I personally feel the world will never get again, though years time may beg to differ. the fact Meth was apparently ill for four days and gave it his all ANYWAY, which, honestly I couldn’t tell you that I could tell — most that was different and evident was the extra rasp (and even that made it sound better). this might have been the first time I’ve been to a concert where rappers turned up on time. they just didn’t play around. they gave “110” from start to finish; all energy — money’s worth was gotten. they even interacted heavily with and touched the fans. then you got Redman sold his CDs like it was bootleg, haha. they stuck around though and thought nothing of it. real and truly humble human beings, yet on stage they seemed like superheroes (Method Man doing the HHH water spit at the start was the best). Method Man even bussed couple line of patois, “rudebwoy come to di front ah di stage,” “wha gwan!?”

Hip-Hop & Comedy duo genius delivered from the two. PLUS… I got to see some of my favourite cuts: “Ice Cream,” “Method Man,” “Do You Really (Thang Thang),” Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck Wit,” “C.R.E.A.M.,” and of course, “Da Rockwilder.”

… and people love to say there’s no such thing as a “10/10…?” HAAAA! LA, LA, LA, LA, LA-LA, LA, LAAAAAAAGH! You missed out. You done ufffed up.

but what’s to now say that the culture is dead nowadays? man, I don’t know — not to focus on the negative — but you got fat motherfuckers like Rick Ross who can’t even end a show courteously.

a thing such as the above reminds me and makes me again reflect on the mentalities of people today in comparison to the OGs. the work ethic and respect definitely isn’t the same. suuuure… you might take a glance at Meth & Red and think they’re some grungy guys — but they still got morals and came to give the people what we turned up for. the craft was shown; the level of showmanship was there to see crystal clear. there’s a reason why these guys can still kick a show like that at their age and why they’re so respected. but, albethat… I don’t think a lot people really know, though — hence their asses ain’t attend, mehn… perhaps they didn’t ever watch Backstage, like I did back in early 2014.

the art of hip-hop is long gone… and I see now exactly why “old ‘heads” get mad, because it’s a lack of respect that’s in the air, and people would rather bow down and kneel to pure crapness. the most amazing part is, a show like what I witnessed gives you so much to respect that you can’t not. it’s so easy for anybody to come in the game now and “shoot two videos; spit two lyrics,” like Skepta said. and it’s because of that I believe is why these rappers don’t care. there’s no pure work put in. basketball, football, rap and wrestling are three things that just aren’t the same now. sure, shit evolved — but without the same quality? keep it. I don’t want it. there’s no hating involved or to be spoken of, and I probably sound like that Uncle who talks about “back in my day,” but… it’s just that it’s clear the caliber we’ve seen in the past is no mo. put some RESPEK on the game. thank you artists of all age, who care about and cater your best efforts to your supporters.





• my perspective on how the driven ideology of perfection is hurting the human race

this brand new 27-minute [sound] clip — recorded earlier on tonight — came from an impulse of mine at the time. my speakings were built around my direct thoughts on an ideology that I cite as irrational-rooted: “perfection.”

the reason I chose to speak on it, is because I believe that the idea of perfection, for such a long time now, has dragged people away from what their own ways of life truly are. we all have the same 24/7 — that’s true… but I still think our lifestyles are different; different things apply to our individual paths, as no one [path] is the same as the next. for me to judge your decisions makes no sense for starters; and for me to even grasp what you’re getting at, I’d more than likely have to be: you.

in the speaking, I touch on why I feel it’s important to stay moving at your own pace and that we as a people will all do things at certain, given times. of course, I’ve shared how I want to inspire more people to think for themselves and to follow their soul’s trail; making the choice to be and stay righteous; positive whilst/throughout doing so — that’s just my personal doctrine, though.

being on the topic that I was, I also delved into how I think buying into something as unrealistic as perfection is affecting the way we as people view not only ourselves but others around us, as we expect so much from the next person, all because of how ideas such as perfection have driven us to form the highest of standards, yet ironically, when we look in the mirror, we think so low of ourselves. thatter (the latter) alone reminds me that it’s definitely time to let go of this high regard we hold each other to, and to learn to respect one another as just humans who may be different and have different views of the world, but share the one we only have.


Update (10/4/16 on Sunday afternoon):

I came across a video of Iskra Lawrence on my fb newsfeed that a friend had shared, and it led to me visiting her IG page. so I’m checking through her grid and there was one tab I left open overnight that had a picture of her that I found quite pleasing. it must have been my subconscious, because the caption she wrote along with the photo linked diRECTLY to what I spoke about. thought I’d just share it in this post. made sense.

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✨🌴 memories from CR.. I feel like many of us go through years of battling with ourselves. Struggling because society has given us such an unrealistic, narrow minded beauty ideal. But perfection doesn't exist. The best we can do is be unapologetically ourselves. 🌟I have been so humbled by all your support. I will do my best to spread as much positivity as I can through my "platform". I feel responsible to be as real as possible as I struggled with my body as a teen and felt like I had to change to look like the model I dreamt of being. When actually I was perfectly imperfect just the way I am. And so are you. ✨💕 #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful there's nothing wrong with cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, back fat anything!🐯🐯⚡️⚡️ no one needs retouching because the real you is sexy wearing @aerie #waybackwednesday

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but YES, let me not give it all away. and so, if you do get a spare 30 secs… or mins, please lend your ears to my most recent recording — I’ll just call it “Your Pace” for short now. all listens are appreciated, and all comments are welcome anyway. the rest of my clips are also all there on my official Soundcloud page ‘LSNCLR,’ so go ScoPeep those too if you haven’t already, and join & follow the campaign (#CHANGEOFCONDITIONS). keep spreading the positive and most-powerful vibrations.

BONUS / P.S. can anybody tell me how a white-breaded sandwich filled with the combo of: peanut butter, strawberry jam, chopped banana and seeds somehow, somewhat and in some way sorta captures and recreates the fine essence of what I recall chocolate spread to taste like, please?



Mom & Dad most definitely taught me about the “means” from a young.

This year, I’ve been finding it easier to simplify my life. And whether this is because of that cleaning of my bedroom a few weeks back, or just plainly through my mentality by the choices I’m making — I don’t think I know yet (Mom may just [as well] be right all of the time after all then if that’s the case).

Anyway, what I’ve slowly been figuring out is how to balance “want” and “need.” I was in Merry Hill with ‘Leb and told him about how it’s mad that how good something looks can drive you to wanting it, when that’s just the packaging; the surface; top layer — and all that came from just looking at a Nesquik Milk Bar, you know, looool!

So far this year, in a strong comparison to 2015, I’ve already saved more than I’ve spent. And though I’ve spent bits here and there, I haven’t really looked at those transactions as expenditures I honestly can’t say I count the money that’s left my pocket or bank has been a waste; that same type of waste that, before, I’d often worry about after letting it go. In all fairness, I’ve had what I believe anybody would consider to be enough money to go be frivolous with my spending — but… complete and utter nah.

See, what I’m seeing now, is that, I might have the money for now to; packing enough to be able to afford things. However, at the same time as that, I’m dealing with more and so it would be easier not only to say that (living for today, because you might not get tomorrow’), but to throw away more. [The] aspect that I’ve had to look at, is: ‘so then… what if tomorrow does come?’ I mean, it’s not the end of the world and all if I’m broke — it’s just that, so many times, I’ve fallen victim to remorse over that money I spent, because my mind was in the now, thinking that later wasn’t on its way; [even] when I clearly knew, too. Also, you know what? That notion about spending money on “… experiences rather than material things” is real. I’ve noticed this one for sure.

I’m teaching myself to deal with less, so that if I ever hit rock bottom, it’s not some shock to my system. What’s humbling me a lot as a human being lately, is knowing that, ‘I could have it all today and nothing tomorrow.’ Frivolous spending has no sense to it. I think we generally don’t know how much we really have, and also how fast things can go. That Krispy Kreme donut you had; that Nandos; that night out. Not that these things are bad, or that you’re not entitled to what you wish, even when you make your own money — but at least have a knowing mind about it when you do go after these things. I can’t speak for all, though I’d certainly say I’m not senseless — hence, even someone as impulsive as I am, has to think first and not be so willingly oblivious, ignorant, just because their pocket is glowing.

Two things my Mom has advised time and time [again] over, are that I keep a self-written track of my spendings, as well as to use tangible [money] rather than my debit card when purchasing. Before, I didn’t really see the sense she was trying to show me — March 2016 now, and it’s clicked. A debit card is just so accessible that it’s convenient to use, as opposed to cash from your pocket, handbag, or wherever. You don’t see that money leaving the plastic same way as the paper or copper departs. It’s like you forget how much you’re spending, until you see the bank statement and truly realize how dumb you were at the time. Mom also told me you should be able to touch money if you need it. So it’s no acting like I’m rich forever in terms of the money. It’s just more disciplined and both rational; logical when you have a set amount to work with and make it known to yourself that you needn’t be going past that what is there.

I’m someone who’s often been considered to be “tight” with my money, but I damn sure as hell know why… and I know I can find a penny; or a pound; a hundred; a thou, though. Saving more than spending is more a skill than I’d have bargained for real. It helps though when you see what’s happening with your choices and because of them. I’m still learning to manage my money a lot better anyway. I’d advise you definitely do the same, because as much as I may not believe money is important, it is too hard to come by and be blowing fast… and then complaining too, lmao. These days, if I go -1 then I’m going +2. I just reinforce that, right now, nothing — if anything, then rarely — ever really seems like a loss because it’s all wiser decision.

Very much slept on it, let it mull, and heavily contemplated but… This year, despite my attachment with the memories of wear and my anecdotes to go with the times I go ’em — I might even get rid of my Js and Jerseys, too…

Man’s on a streak unheard-of in my book of history, I tell ya.

Thank you 3Mo/Leb for making sure I don’t forget about the ‘#Meanz! We’re for sure onto something by being aware to what “living within your means” means, my brother. [Also, any rap fans looking for someone new to listen to, check out Nick Grant if you haven’t already. 3Mo/Leb put me onto him and his most recent release, ’88,’ just the other day… And I was impressed as Leb claimed he thought I’d be. So, YES].

I’ll leave [you all] with this one, which actually was something I wrote as my WhatsApp status earlier on, after a continued, forever-going-on exhausting discussion about “work and money” with my Mom, Dad and Brother-in-law, who was there and actually sparked it back for them, kinda 😂

Nobody really “NEEDS” anything or anybody. It depends what you want it or them for; and if it truly even matters to the means of your life.


Di~d~oes anybody know this?

I was watching The Breakfast Club‘s interview with Fat Joe (circa 2014), as I was eating my dinner yesterday. I go to Wikipedia to see Joe’s discography, right? Cut a long story short, *allow me to yawn for you,* I didn’t even realize that [Terror Squad’s] “Lean Back” went to #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 back in 2004 (21/8 to be specific). A record like that… [as] a hit?! But the times have definitely differed, and it’s well over 10 years later now (don’t ask me how, see wha gwan with Mother Nature – I think she’s got the answers).

Whatever was hot was HOT, regardless of whatever. I remember my Dad would take me to work (lorry driving & delivery) with him in my [primary] school holidays — ’03 to ’05 era, I’ll never forget that experience – fortunate enough to spend that type of time with my Pops from early on — and the “hits” on the radio were primarily R&B records. One day, we were up Leicester — I say one day, but we went up there about five times and I got tired of that shit, looool — and I swear to goodness, no woooord of a lie – they played Beyoncé & Jay Z’s “Crazy in Love” a good ten times. That song was spinning.

But you know after all this I speak of, what was crazy to me when I saw it? I clicked on a hyperlink which had redirected me to another page, where I would see the header, “List of Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles of 2004.” So I’m scrolling down this page, and I for~sho~doe thought I was being kidded, or that it was some one-day-only hoax somebody put together, that caught me. What I was seeing, of course, was every number-one single for that year. In spite of the negative light shone both on the current state of biased-radio (white privilege), imagine this one… For the WHOLE of 2004, not ONE white artist topped the Billboard Hot 100.

From Outkast; to Beyoncé; Usher (DOMINATED); Twista; Fantasia; fucking JUVENILE; Ciara; all the way down to Snoop Dogg, closing the year out. Though all people [who] started out from “nothing,” the market way back then clearly wasn’t as saturated, and the “stars” were stars and not just these “regular people” who we knew prior to the fame; along with the come up, who’d also just so happened to make it. So there was a bridge between star and the ordinary person; a clear gap where you could distinguish that – but that bridge has been long-burned and that’s been for a good while now at that.

Now, I don’t see a big deal — which may ruffle the feathers of the naysayers who rise to debate the double standard regarding, again, “privilege” — but it intrigued me as to what could be thee real reason why this happened; my mind was instantly shot a bullet of curiosity that had me ticking.

Myself and ‘Taj found ourselves in a conversation about how generic music is. Whereas back in ’04 you could tell an R&B song from a Rock song — and not to cause a divide or put one above the other in terms of quality, that’s left to preference — in 2016, it’s like a melting pot, which is good and all… but the soup is just bland; and now, even the vegetables taste like potatoes and dumplings. Genre has been erased; the word transcended couldn’t be more relevant; and what was once Pop is now everything; particularly hip-hop – and you know it is.

Everybody wants to be a part of the “culture” and everybody’s surviving. Clear difference between now and the over-ten-years-ago is that, with so many of these artists (who I’d barely even dare call an ‘artist’) making the same material, you don’t know who the artists are no more. You barely can tell one song from the next. And so, it’s almost impossible to win the lotto with all these entries. But they (the radio) are going to sell to us what they wish to; what’s buzzing – then again, though,is that buzz really what you’d stably, in firm stance call a “buzz?” when, I say it’s The Short-Lived, Buzzing Bee. A hit [nowadays], like I said just last Friday, is so temporary-based.

These hits have no longevity. Ten years from now, I’ll still be in my then-room or wherever, dancing to “Burn” like Tom Dubois. I doubt I’ll be singing Taylor Swift; and feeling it, too. I think what you’ve gotta understand is, the feeling… The effects these songs are giving; they’re barely brushing our shoulders, let alone sticking to our souls like that. The come-and-go’ness of it all just gets exhausting. The only exception I give right now, would probably really be to Justin Bieber with the music he made on ‘Purpose’ – I mean, even though it’s not exactly some ground-breaking, paradigm-shift on a commercial landscape/’le, it has in all fairness still been the short departure away from the bubblegum, generic sound you’d expect from a musician of his status, right.

Like ‘Taj pointed out — something I agree with, no question — “We need more artists making music that THEY want to make.”

This really is the state-of-pop music now, though. Whatever’s popping. And looking back on the days where anything could be popping; a time where we know originality was encouraged — something [that’s] now like a taboo — you can see why I’d say it was easier for the artist to make that music they genuinely wanted to, and not a bunch of archaic, filled-with-shit-to-fit-the-radio-and-pollute-ears-of-listeners what leaves no mark; a snow that barely attaches itself to ground and builds up from foundation.

Nothing feels real and it’s just fucking weird,” Taj said. He also stated, “[But also], R&B back the was different. The only thing [that was] similar to Rap was features. [But] now the production sounds the same. I was thinking about this [earlier today], and how everyone back then wasn’t afraid to be different. For e.g. Kanye [West] wasn’t afraid to drop “All Falls Down,” which spoke about spoke about being self-conscious and insecurities – and that was cool; it was respected; [AND it was] AUTHENTIC. There is a big difference between being influenced and straight up copying to benefit you. And that is why, in my opinion, a lot of the appropriation in mainstream music is happening.

Imagine that, at one point, three years ago, ain’t many souls care about Future. Now look at him. More importantly, tote your aim elsewhere, and if you pan to look at the current rap game, you’ll see that all of these rappers trying to be and eat from the culture instead of feeding it, they take from it. Sorry, but I’ve been saying it for a while now as much as I listen to his music — old more than new — but one word: #Drake.

That’s really where it’s all at, right about now. Mediocre be key to the bank where all the paper (and 💳) supply is at. 


Doing “Something”

My Mom, for me, epitomised what I say it means to “do something.”

I remember not so long back (‘t’was around probably late 2014/early 2015). I was chatting to my Mom — whatever the conversation was specifically about and centred around — and I said something like, “Dad goes to work, so what do you do? Is his money yours as well? She replied, Me and your Dad are a team,” (that was actually wonderful).

I don’t actually see how I was so ignorant. My questionings sounded rather prick-ish, actually.

So, [this] raises my written speaking today: What is doing something?

Often, I wonder what work really is for; what are we doing there? I keep thinking like, ‘why am I lazy if I choose to input my energy this way rather than that?’ There’s these hidden standards of what’s perceived as to be doing something.

The idea of work, to me — and also to my Auntie and my Big Brother, as I found out just yesterday — is a trade; whereby, you have a service to provide and somebody has the goods they can give up to you if you exchange with them. But something else I thought of and now believe, is how “work” is something you don’t really want to be doing but in order to get something you want – ‘you gotta do it,’ ‘you gotta work for it.’ Meaning that, you’re not really doing what you enjoy. If you wake up and don’t wanna be getting out of bed — unless you just feel weird or somesh — then it’s more than likely you’re a slave to the system and to something you’re out after.

My question to the latter is: What do you let that do, though? How much do you let it control you; do you at all, or is it something that you’re not stressing. You see, it’s easy to fall victim to something you long for; and we all long for something. Does that something dominate our lives, though? Does that something dictate the state of what our current lives are? I genuinely believe that it’s the putting value into something you’ve no idea the value of that catalyses the disappointment you’ll often experience once you get that “it,” the thing you thought would boost your life so much, making it that much better.

Albeit, what I’ve really got to say is that we need to be less hard on ourselves, because it’s easy for me to be here sharing my ideologies vs. ‘what society say’ but even I’m just somebody still trying to find my way. But although I know my worth and believe in the calling God has sent me now, at end of the day, there’s one thing I take away from all of this: sometimes it’s never that easy to do.

But not to take/steer this away from the important subject today, really this is just me saying how much I appreciate my Mom; and not only that, but also just giving a round of applause to anybody doing something with their lives or trying.

I used my Mom as a study for this entry, just because I feel like Moms would relate to lack of respect rather than appreciation; I mean, Fathers too, and rightfully so, but within a different realm – since I think both side of parents go through something similar, but experience and take it struggles in completely different ways. I’m not a parent, though. I can only speak on what I sense. But yeah this is Mother’s Day – so back to it. “A lot of people don’t receive the credit they deserve,” and that’s real. What I’d prefer to say is that, I don’t think you need the credit for doing what it is you’re supposed to do or for doing great things in life… however, don’t disregard nor overlook what somebody is doing for the better.

The issue is, it’s like greatness is expected of us, and really we’re humans more so than robots. Greatness takes time; patience; perseverance. Roadblocks get in the way; things happen, and yes, that’s no excuse to stop but realize that we all gotta do it in our own time. Why rush ’em like that, in such intrusive way like you know better when you really don’t? Instead, understand that somebody is really struggling from working on whatever “it” is they wish to pursue. Many Moms, in my mind, exemplify somebody constantly trying their best… yet it’s just not seen nor much merited. Not that it needs to be, but it’d be nice that we just recognise and respect effort though. As much as apparently we should know better and what to do, we’ve been handed this free will and don’t know the way – I’d call that the majority of us are still here finding ours and will fall off sometimes, because this shit [really] ain’t easy. Anybody else can try judge, but only you know how difficult it is or has been to you. They can’t tell the stories of your past sufferings the way you could. They don’t know of your sacrifices. So really I wanted to just remind people of all this, because even I forget – it’s so easy to. We need to appreciate each other as humans enough to either offer help or know that they’re going through [something] and trying to get through it. Our struggles are equally as tough. Just because it’s easy to you, it doesn’t mean the next person can endure it the same way. [We gotta be able to] respect that.

Put it this way: Taking on responsibilities just as you’d imagine a parent would, my Mom raised five kids (including me); had a stroke at 43 and has been able to juggle so many things a Mathematician would lose it trying to keep count. Now, if I can’t see that, though it seems like little on paper; it’s bigger in real life – then that’s a shame on me. Plus, I can’t talk, since I can barely balance two/three things at a time for myself, never mind for six other people. Who am I to judge somebody ? For that reason, I applaud what my Mom has done. I believe Moms have some sort of super powers. Me not being able to appreciate the little things let alone the major would be selfish, especially when it’s somebody who’s responsible for more than one life, constantly hitting the targets, whilst her own life is in danger on a daily wouldn’t make any sense, even if like any other human she messes up sometimes. You should highlight and see those beautiful, graceful things give credit for the amazing amount of sheer endeavour, day in, day out.

All of this is why I praise my Mom and others out there, because I could probably never comprehend all that a Mom does. My Mom has made my life possible, as well as always given me the real essential things I need to know to do what I gotta do for me in this run. We have disagreements, but I can’t thank her enough. Momma knows. Moms KNOW. Believe me. They feel and see it a different way – I can tell.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommas. You’re appreciated. I recognise that it ain’t easy, and that it can be more than just “hard work.” Much love and blessings from my way are spreaded out/extended!


The song in the video below never gets old. I just get it.


Mature Takes

I don’t know if maturity does come with age, but either way, I respect any show of a mature take on a subject.

Myke C-Town the realest. Sophie got the knowledge I wish more girls looked up to and aspired to acquire, because there’s nothing wrong with being clued up, babe.

Much big ups to DeadEndHipHop.

Acceptance > Approval

The more and more I see things like this, and hear [people’s] stories about struggles with everyday life due to not feeling like their true self, the more open my mind gets. I’ve just been educated.


It’s been something I’ve always questioned, but I genuinely believe that “gender” is bullshit now. I used to be one of those guys who thought you aren’t born in / into whatever your soul considers you to be, and that it was a matter of “preference.” I can’t ignore that nurture exists; but I feel like though you may be molded into something – it’s something you’re not; that you never were meant to be by nature. Nature is who you are; that’s always going to be home to you.

But what’s really important? Well, I agree with the statement about “what liberates you.”

Praises to this guy human being. Thank you for sharing ‘the knowing.’ Thought it’d only be right I share this video today.