LSNCLR’s ‘Subtle Changes, 8th August’ | photo by Krystle Sinclair

Feeling SUPER accomplished & fulfilled (a creator’s geek-out moment/wet dream)

Always wanted to try my hand in recreating a photograph, and was so keen to recreate the original (left) that it became like a sickly disease. Thought it would be interesting to see the changes between this year and last.

Big up Krystle, for putting up and having patience — we managed to get a near-duplicate (right).


fifteen years a spectacular

This song alone speaks for today and the subject behind this entry.

If you don’t know [why I’m sharing it], go back and check on of the greatest spectacles to ever have graced the eyes of a young child like it did me.

Shows are rare these days. When I say rare, I’m saying… If you’re a fan of LIVE events, how many of those would you tell me ’til I got how passionate you were about making me believe you, would you say were worthy of being given that [title]? How many were SHOWS?

Have gotta thank the WWF for giving me an unforgettable moment (Wrestlemania X-Seven) that as a now 21-year-old still gives me the nostalchills. Whoever was behind the scenes working on that matchcard and the production… Thank you for making my childhood pop and giving me something to forever be in awe of.




Well, “the plan was…” to post a couple throwback tunes. So, I go onto YouTube to search for Katy B—as I did hours ago also—and ended up on a fairly recent jazzoint.

Now, this all stemmed from me trying to remember an instrumental — that would end up being “Rhythm & Gash” — as I know that Benga sampled it on Katy’s 2010 single, “Katy On A Mission…” during that time period of me trying to suss it out, I thought I’d revisit an old track to pass time (“Broken Record”). But yeah, after that, I see a thumbnail for her latest release and collaboration with Craig David and Major Lazer; and of course with me not being active on social media anymore and not subscribed to her channel (I need to get my subscription game up TIGHT, nay snobbery). Alright, so, I’m listening to the song, and… I won’t say it was DREADFUL as such – but Craig David and Katy B could’ve been something waaaaaaaay better; and that artist combination sounds like a dream to me. Anyway – fast forward; I stumble upon THIS:

Thank goodness the Katy I know is still there. Lord knows it’d hurt me to see the artist who held a vast part of riddim within the collection of sonics that my life once was [back in late 2010/early 2011] be lost, yana.

But yeah. Here. Have this beauty of a record anyway. If you ain’t heard it, then I guess I’m the one breaking it to you – and prou~gladly so.


HAT’S OFF, 2015. CAP ON 2015.

2015: THEE best year of my liFe, because, I…

Accepted, embraced and became one with myselF. I now wear my hearing aids more; am less ashamed of my middle name; very happy with my “nappy” hair.

Got blessed with a role that’s worked in my Favour; and through such, I’ve acquired skills that have helped in my life outside of work. ConFidence level has risen higher than ever.

Did more than double oF what my blog did in stats in 2014 – though this was never important in the First place, I saw growth as a writer.

Launched a brand, a website, and a campaign, on my birthday – which I’m Furthering, next year.

Started off, and in plenty cases, got things done that I’d have probably procrastinated over in previous years… no, wait – I did do that beFore.

Carry less shame with me, since I now know myselF a bit more. Some things, I didn’t do, but… rather than Feel remorseFul, I’ve began to understand why, now. Everything is For a reason; things are Fit For and serve purposes within their own rights. HopeFully next year, I utilise myselF more eFFectively and can do things better, oF course.

Had many “ups and downs” just like I believe any other one oF us did; some, potentially more than others – that’s OK though, because, through counting my blessings, I just elevated as a person. And, in 2016, I encourage you to do the same. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a perfect liFe – but you’ll learn to appreciate yours.

If you’re out tonight on New Year’s Eve, celebrating, stay safe. And, for tomorrow: HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2016 is on its way. Thank you to EVERYBODY who’s supported me this year. Couldn’t show enough of how thankful I am, I swear it to you.

Blessings, Love, Powers.