• my perspective on how the driven ideology of perfection is hurting the human race

this brand new 27-minute [sound] clip — recorded earlier on tonight — came from an impulse of mine at the time. my speakings were built around my direct thoughts on an ideology that I cite as irrational-rooted: “perfection.”

the reason I chose to speak on it, is because I believe that the idea of perfection, for such a long time now, has dragged people away from what their own ways of life truly are. we all have the same 24/7 — that’s true… but I still think our lifestyles are different; different things apply to our individual paths, as no one [path] is the same as the next. for me to judge your decisions makes no sense for starters; and for me to even grasp what you’re getting at, I’d more than likely have to be: you.

in the speaking, I touch on why I feel it’s important to stay moving at your own pace and that we as a people will all do things at certain, given times. of course, I’ve shared how I want to inspire more people to think for themselves and to follow their soul’s trail; making the choice to be and stay righteous; positive whilst/throughout doing so — that’s just my personal doctrine, though.

being on the topic that I was, I also delved into how I think buying into something as unrealistic as perfection is affecting the way we as people view not only ourselves but others around us, as we expect so much from the next person, all because of how ideas such as perfection have driven us to form the highest of standards, yet ironically, when we look in the mirror, we think so low of ourselves. thatter (the latter) alone reminds me that it’s definitely time to let go of this high regard we hold each other to, and to learn to respect one another as just humans who may be different and have different views of the world, but share the one we only have.


Update (10/4/16 on Sunday afternoon):

I came across a video of Iskra Lawrence on my fb newsfeed that a friend had shared, and it led to me visiting her IG page. so I’m checking through her grid and there was one tab I left open overnight that had a picture of her that I found quite pleasing. it must have been my subconscious, because the caption she wrote along with the photo linked diRECTLY to what I spoke about. thought I’d just share it in this post. made sense.

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✨🌴 memories from CR.. I feel like many of us go through years of battling with ourselves. Struggling because society has given us such an unrealistic, narrow minded beauty ideal. But perfection doesn't exist. The best we can do is be unapologetically ourselves. 🌟I have been so humbled by all your support. I will do my best to spread as much positivity as I can through my "platform". I feel responsible to be as real as possible as I struggled with my body as a teen and felt like I had to change to look like the model I dreamt of being. When actually I was perfectly imperfect just the way I am. And so are you. ✨💕 #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful there's nothing wrong with cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, back fat anything!🐯🐯⚡️⚡️ no one needs retouching because the real you is sexy wearing @aerie #waybackwednesday

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but YES, let me not give it all away. and so, if you do get a spare 30 secs… or mins, please lend your ears to my most recent recording — I’ll just call it “Your Pace” for short now. all listens are appreciated, and all comments are welcome anyway. the rest of my clips are also all there on my official Soundcloud page ‘LSNCLR,’ so go ScoPeep those too if you haven’t already, and join & follow the campaign (#CHANGEOFCONDITIONS). keep spreading the positive and most-powerful vibrations.

BONUS / P.S. can anybody tell me how a white-breaded sandwich filled with the combo of: peanut butter, strawberry jam, chopped banana and seeds somehow, somewhat and in some way sorta captures and recreates the fine essence of what I recall chocolate spread to taste like, please?



She Can Ride a Pen on Paper, too



Love to see perspective from somebody twiiiice my aaage; especially on a topic I’ve heavily been covering myself. Great to see that the gap doesn’t mind *  —  because really, clearly we both have the same thing in it * when it comes to what we think of what the online entities have become over recent years  —  or moreso even what’s overcome them, to be frank witchu.

Excellent read.

~ FreedOfDaConcern ~

This one might be the most amazing speech I ever heard. And that painting is just incredible; making me want to create something great… and then again… then again… and again.

“… it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it might come to pass.”

Thank you for the suggess, Abi, you Absolute boss~ess!

And also, just a general thank you to all people helping me through my weeks; giving me a chance to release whatever it is I need to, in order for me to let my ship sail rather than sink. Everything always comes back into sync for Sinc, somehow. Thank you, Universe; God, doe allowing that.


Mom & Dad most definitely taught me about the “means” from a young.

This year, I’ve been finding it easier to simplify my life. And whether this is because of that cleaning of my bedroom a few weeks back, or just plainly through my mentality by the choices I’m making — I don’t think I know yet (Mom may just [as well] be right all of the time after all then if that’s the case).

Anyway, what I’ve slowly been figuring out is how to balance “want” and “need.” I was in Merry Hill with ‘Leb and told him about how it’s mad that how good something looks can drive you to wanting it, when that’s just the packaging; the surface; top layer — and all that came from just looking at a Nesquik Milk Bar, you know, looool!

So far this year, in a strong comparison to 2015, I’ve already saved more than I’ve spent. And though I’ve spent bits here and there, I haven’t really looked at those transactions as expenditures I honestly can’t say I count the money that’s left my pocket or bank has been a waste; that same type of waste that, before, I’d often worry about after letting it go. In all fairness, I’ve had what I believe anybody would consider to be enough money to go be frivolous with my spending — but… complete and utter nah.

See, what I’m seeing now, is that, I might have the money for now to; packing enough to be able to afford things. However, at the same time as that, I’m dealing with more and so it would be easier not only to say that (living for today, because you might not get tomorrow’), but to throw away more. [The] aspect that I’ve had to look at, is: ‘so then… what if tomorrow does come?’ I mean, it’s not the end of the world and all if I’m broke — it’s just that, so many times, I’ve fallen victim to remorse over that money I spent, because my mind was in the now, thinking that later wasn’t on its way; [even] when I clearly knew, too. Also, you know what? That notion about spending money on “… experiences rather than material things” is real. I’ve noticed this one for sure.

I’m teaching myself to deal with less, so that if I ever hit rock bottom, it’s not some shock to my system. What’s humbling me a lot as a human being lately, is knowing that, ‘I could have it all today and nothing tomorrow.’ Frivolous spending has no sense to it. I think we generally don’t know how much we really have, and also how fast things can go. That Krispy Kreme donut you had; that Nandos; that night out. Not that these things are bad, or that you’re not entitled to what you wish, even when you make your own money — but at least have a knowing mind about it when you do go after these things. I can’t speak for all, though I’d certainly say I’m not senseless — hence, even someone as impulsive as I am, has to think first and not be so willingly oblivious, ignorant, just because their pocket is glowing.

Two things my Mom has advised time and time [again] over, are that I keep a self-written track of my spendings, as well as to use tangible [money] rather than my debit card when purchasing. Before, I didn’t really see the sense she was trying to show me — March 2016 now, and it’s clicked. A debit card is just so accessible that it’s convenient to use, as opposed to cash from your pocket, handbag, or wherever. You don’t see that money leaving the plastic same way as the paper or copper departs. It’s like you forget how much you’re spending, until you see the bank statement and truly realize how dumb you were at the time. Mom also told me you should be able to touch money if you need it. So it’s no acting like I’m rich forever in terms of the money. It’s just more disciplined and both rational; logical when you have a set amount to work with and make it known to yourself that you needn’t be going past that what is there.

I’m someone who’s often been considered to be “tight” with my money, but I damn sure as hell know why… and I know I can find a penny; or a pound; a hundred; a thou, though. Saving more than spending is more a skill than I’d have bargained for real. It helps though when you see what’s happening with your choices and because of them. I’m still learning to manage my money a lot better anyway. I’d advise you definitely do the same, because as much as I may not believe money is important, it is too hard to come by and be blowing fast… and then complaining too, lmao. These days, if I go -1 then I’m going +2. I just reinforce that, right now, nothing — if anything, then rarely — ever really seems like a loss because it’s all wiser decision.

Very much slept on it, let it mull, and heavily contemplated but… This year, despite my attachment with the memories of wear and my anecdotes to go with the times I go ’em — I might even get rid of my Js and Jerseys, too…

Man’s on a streak unheard-of in my book of history, I tell ya.

Thank you 3Mo/Leb for making sure I don’t forget about the ‘#Meanz! We’re for sure onto something by being aware to what “living within your means” means, my brother. [Also, any rap fans looking for someone new to listen to, check out Nick Grant if you haven’t already. 3Mo/Leb put me onto him and his most recent release, ’88,’ just the other day… And I was impressed as Leb claimed he thought I’d be. So, YES].

I’ll leave [you all] with this one, which actually was something I wrote as my WhatsApp status earlier on, after a continued, forever-going-on exhausting discussion about “work and money” with my Mom, Dad and Brother-in-law, who was there and actually sparked it back for them, kinda 😂

Nobody really “NEEDS” anything or anybody. It depends what you want it or them for; and if it truly even matters to the means of your life.


Waiting for a while…

Ever since the other night (Sunday), watching TV just hasn’t been the same for me.

When I come across powerful, heavy TV shows, it just isn’t that easy for me to jump into a next series. A Different World and Friday Nights Light — as I’ve made clear, I imagine — were that for me. It’s hard to lighten up after those.

Me, I came from a household with elders who wouldstay watching Trouble on TV (i.y.k.y.k), so I grew up onFresh-Prince, My Wife and Kids, City Guys, Moesha, Martin, The Parkers, Hang Time, One on One; you name it – and then later on when they started airing them; The Cosby Show and Diff’rent Strokes. The likes of the tail-end shows [from the late 70s & early 80s] were so cool to me when I was in secondary school; getting to see what really started off and paved way for those shows from the 90s that I know so many of us love, whether that be 70s, 80s or 90s babies. There’s a reason [why] they were so great and beloved.

So, Yo. When I got onto A Different World, which I had only learned about at like, 17? I’m still pissed that “they” hid it from me, really. I can see why now. I wonder, like, ‘what if A Different World was on TV when I was a kid?’ Would I have embraced my skin colour more; would I have learned from early and been proud of this like I am now and as such plus much.

I started out in love with Denise Huggstable (no typo) in season 1 — back when shit was bland, thank GOODNESS for Debbie Allen being in the house! — and ended up falling in LOVE with Whitley (Dwayne, you inspired me, and now I know for CERTAIN MOOOSTTT that I’ll get the right girl who I want to travel along with me in this life… One “fairy-tale” depicted up on T.V. that I  DO believe in if there ever was one; mind you, all their asses was fine by season 5. Last scene on the finale nearly made me shed tears… No Will in the house alone ending, but I felt it. That type of comradery between two brothers could never be kilt by money — it’s just not powerful enough to match wid it. Think I’ma properly move on [up] to The Jeffersons, as well as Good Times, next.

As for FNL, I learned a lot from watching all five seasons… but what was bigger than that show for me, was more of just the reminder I felt like I needed every time I felt like I was falling off. So I’ll put it like this:

Eric Taylor reminded me of what Pride and a Fair game for all is. Tami Taylor reminded me to be that one who cares. Tim Riggins reminded me that your mishaps aren’t always a reflection of who you are at core; being someone who deep-down, led with the kindest intentions. Even Tyra Collette, who reminded me that I’ve gotta make something of myself — even though people are only waiting to see me fail like I may have done in the past… Re-edit history in a better light for your own future. Landry Clarke reminded me to persist. Matt Saracen reminded me to stay humble. In way-polar-opp to the former, Brian “Smash” Williams reminded me that you better know you good. Vince Howard reminder me you can turn your life around. Jess Merriweather reminded me to stay resilient and get your worth, regardless.

Clear Eyes • Full Hearts • Can’t Lose •

Don’t think I’ll forget that for as long as I live.

All in all, I’m just happy with what both shows covered and could offer to my life at the most fitting time. Show appreciation for the things that pass time and give you a sense of comfort in such a world where it’s way too easy to fall victim to how cold and uncomfortable it can really get. They just took my life, you know?

Thank you once again, Netflix. For real, you’ve just gotta find the right programs to watch; and persevere with them – they’ll be good to you.




Just because I feel like this is important for my people and people in general to see, as BHM comes to a closing. BH everyday, though. We [shall] let it run on. We seen – don’t let them fool you.

If they try to scribble over the evidence, we just pencil in some more, right? Only one way to stop that, and that’s to wipe us out with a rubber which, [I don’t think] even a rubber could prevent us. Tip-ex can’t stop us. It’s unlikely that you can abort the traces and traits will still remain. We’ll keep on taking the chains along with the few pennies you hand us with and make golden chainge.



A Different World’ and ‘Friday Night Lights‘… what else? No social media, because I put a ban on that utter shit and said so. New approaches have been looming and waiting for me to say, “Let’s go,” so now, here me & my new approaches stand, as I’ve decided to make a conscious choice to remove myself from all that is toxic regardless; and do this at an as-much-as-I-can rate, with no apologies or explanations to go with such.

Due to my inactivity on the fuckery that is Facebook; Instagram; Twitter, you can possibly expect me to flood my page here with whatever sincere thoughts I feel like sharing; ones that I feel are to aid the receiver who needs to receive the message at X: the present point in their life. I got tired of feeling like I have to post when I don’t. Anything that would only be selfish to keep to myself when it’s now evident in my life that I have a calling to spread words that are slowly [going] to make a difference in others’ lives, one by one.

Keeping within that note before I flip the page, though, I’m ’bout to sound like one of them bloggers who does a ton of lists, I wanna note some positive things I’ve done so far this year before getting into the body of this whole entry:

– Got back to manual writing by hand after getting a new notebook (which is also my first Moleskine), and I’ve never felt this better about writing.

– Started writing down something positive I did on a sticky note after every day (or write from memory if I forget to do this, or simply just cba).

– Taught my 2-year-old niece how to say some words, since she can speak clearer now, the funny bugger.

– Got back to watching FNL and finally got onto A Different World (as the opening line of this makes obvious). Big up Netflix.

Started reading ‘The Master Key System’ (Charles Haanel). Thank you Abi!!!! This will go nicely with but most importantly add to my previous knowledge on ‘The Law of Attraction.’

– Bought an Aloe Vera Plant! Named it ‘Blythe Powers’ and she the shit right now I’ve also just gotten into a general habit of buying what I need and cutting down on what I want – YOU DON’T DESERVE IT YET, LEWIS. Spending practices going too well.

– Sorry last statement, I finally got Donell Jones’ Where I Wanna Be’ and also acquired ‘Mama’s Gun’ by Erykah Badu.

*Anyways… I get going now*



[It was only] a month into 2016, and I had not what I’d say was a shift in mentality; but certainly a defined outlook on life – [which was] one that took me time to reach on 100% due to so much uncertainty that I now know is firm. I’m talking about ‘what really matters,’ that’s at least what I wish to do; to deliver, and most importantly just to live. I always knew it before, but I had to come to final terms and set-in-stone-like conclusion that a lot of things really don’t matter.

Though I fear being “stuck in the mud,” I’ve been stuck in this one all-black outfit at home in the PM for the past two days, hair still growing out, Netflix marathons… I can see and now feel my content with being in my comfort. I’m positive now that going out is not for me, I swear (and you can take that as I’m sure or just the reason why I’m feeling good).

But ALAS below lies the catalyst for this rare blog entry.

You see, there was this one thing in particular that had slightly troubled ‘n’ worried me — nothing new — has been my mind’s endless conversations with itself about “success.”

On my 21st birthday (Thur 10th Dec 2016), I launched #CHANGEOFCONDITIONS, a campaign that was officially started via my website, SYNCLRITY.COM (also revealed to the world that same day). This campaign (as well as the brand alone) in my mind is and was always something I’ve prayed will keep running as long as it can; and that it can pass the course; thus eventually standing the rest of time rather than just reaching the finishing line. Issue was that, despite feeling a success and high buzz from off of the campaign’s birth… I had a bigger challenge for conquest on my plate once I launched it. I knew I still had work to do… I knew in advance what I was getting myself into – and it didn’t take a slap in the face for me to tell that the pursuit was never over to begin with. Own willingly taking on such a courageous, broad and — what to this day seems a — relentless-like task with what’s going on in, PLUS all that I plan to tackle, I quickly saw a reminder that ‘this thing is going to demand my LIFE – period; and the closer Iook in on and at, I see that’s there’s no other way around it if I’m brutally honest – if there is one, it’d only lead me back to facing the facts standing before me. You can’t use shortcuts and excuses with some things – the campaign is definitely one of them.

For something to live long or to run for a long time, the engine must either pack or generate a vast amount of energy to keep it going – else the engine ultimately packs in and stops at some point. Last month, what presented itself to me was a new attitude, since I know that I should’ve left majority of the pessimist inside me in 2015 (where I thought I had done if truth be told). And what am I going to do to get what I’m after? Well, something can’t materialise without the material itself being there. The focus for me now is the material; art first. And whoever gravitates towards – great. Whoever doesn’t – that’s cool since its probably not meant for them at that moment in time, no.


I see it all now

How you can can you be mad that something isn’t setting off for you? The only valid cry to me is A) if you’re working – but even so, what does the world owe you? B) maybe sometimes it’s not your time just yet. Long as you’re alive, life isn’t running from you – “the journey” is not to be taken for granted, though.

What is online success going to do for me? What does it matter that I know who I’ve touched. When one like myself loses focus and has to recuperate, it takes evaluation and plan of further wiser actions in order to bounce back – doing it effectively. Why I say and will probably reinstate this notion is down to me noticing that: yes, I could do this and still do that – with that set in mind though, how am I focusing on what’s key and important? Like, for real – why long for what you don’t need at a moment in time? Nature more than anything else is teaching me that there’s no right or wrong ways about things when your life should go how it needs to if you follow your path; learn from mistakes; make careful decisions but without holding [yourself] back from a greater future ahead.

One life contains so many dynamics that apply to and jigsaw themselves within your time on earth (whether it be love, struggle, emotion, career, or in my extensive and most-recent past case: battling with the “success” idiom; where I’ve learned you must continue to go on by all means and really y[l]earn to trust in your own universe)…

… as time proceeds to give you what you need, you can’t allow your idea and fantasy of what you don’t have just let you control you enough to feed you lust for greed (hopefully somebody gets that, lmao).

Before I go, just two lessons from nature that I was fortunate to have by embracing the moments and accepting what my world was handing to me; what I felt like I was being told.

1. ‘There’s more to losing than failure.’

A loss has a clear lesson in it. Maybe you need to lose, because, out there right now is somebody who needs a win. I went to the pool/snooker hall twice in January with my Dad and brothers. I kept getting my ass kicked for some reason, but it wasn’t often by a long shot. The second time we visited, I got pissed at the fact I just kept losing (though I won once or twice). I shortly realized that maybe there’s more to life than this constant losing… and also, am I really losing? I have a life of blessings that I fail to acknowledge sometimes I must admit; so do I deserve them? Maybe I deserve to lose things, just like that pen I bought and lost the same day *cries, because it glided so blissfully across the paper.* You can’t pit yourself concentration on loss and see it all as you’re a failure in life.

2. ‘Don’t let shit eat you, and don’t allow yourself to be shit on.’

This analogy made my brother buss up in laughter and he loved it. I go no limits on this creativity cap of mine… Brain just shoot right through and off to my parallel universe of cognitive. But yeah… Through your living, there’s going to be consumption of things you’d like to eat as well as things you wouldn’t imagine eating. Shit needs to be let go of. Clear your system out.

Because, we consume so much and don’t realize what we’re taking in, but it affects you later on in that downtime you have, or catches you when you think life is all “bed of roses.” If you’re not aware of what’s happening, the influence is powerful enough to find a way to your subconscious. That’s my “theory” for the day. I’m no Einstein –  I’m LSNCLR, and this is just reality, lol. Doesn’t mean you gotta stay ignorant when you’ve a choice to make that’s going to change your life; each step. With each step of the way, my brother/sister. Paint your own.

A lot of things that you THINK matter don’t. Things actually aren’t so bad after all, you know. How’s about that coming from me aka the biggest of worriers, eh?


Anyways yo, it’s not the first time I’m behind, but it feel like it is with music. It’s my own fault though – I’ve been stupidly caught up in what I’ve enjoyed for months instead of hearing other shit; and it’s a cycle that needs BREAKING fast… Get me some muesli or suttum to sort out my brain operation, it’s still all matted like my mane (whaddup Karen). I’ve been meaning to get back to hearing new music – better yet, back into the habit of doing so… why not end this with some new business. I was on a Tinashe wave for all of yesterday (every now and again, I love to just put her on shuffle). Fortunately for me on the same day, I got blessed with a new Tinashe cover story, photoshoot, AND a song, leading up to her forthcoming and sophomore LP, JOYRIDE.

Other than THIS track I’m about to introduce you to from Tinashe herself… All I’m saying is Pac ain’t back because his legacy never left, but we got another one though: Anderson .Paak (and anybody ignoring his existence after his stellar efforts performances on both Compton, and The Documentary 2.5 alone last year + the co-signs… You’re fooling yourself). His new shit, and second album release, Malibu (PLEASE listen to “The Season | Carry Me”), along with NxWorries (EP with Knxwledge) are some serious, smoothly put together pieces of music for anybody to play. Fuck your genre preference in this case – I’m telling you. Rarely have I seen an artist come into this with their shit so musically together. Anderson has got his flow, delivery, lyrics, melody and sound pocketed. The man himself said he pays attention to detail; and in his songs that audibly shows.

For now,

(pleaaaase drop JOYRIDE already).

Thank you for reading, as always.