it’s been a WHIIILE, mate. if you didn’t know ans haven’t been keeping track of his movements over the past year, Wretch has been quietly heating up again. the kettle whistled long time. if you didn’t catch it, then peak. yuh tea nah brew up just yet, and this kinda stuff is too cold for any nation to bear.

this is the [real] “fire.” DI REAL, MY LARD! BLESS the brudda Wretch for continuing to give us nothing but his everything.

POWERS inna di locs, warriyah.


fifteen years a spectacular

This song alone speaks for today and the subject behind this entry.

If you don’t know [why I’m sharing it], go back and check on of the greatest spectacles to ever have graced the eyes of a young child like it did me.

Shows are rare these days. When I say rare, I’m saying… If you’re a fan of LIVE events, how many of those would you tell me ’til I got how passionate you were about making me believe you, would you say were worthy of being given that [title]? How many were SHOWS?

Have gotta thank the WWF for giving me an unforgettable moment (Wrestlemania X-Seven) that as a now 21-year-old still gives me the nostalchills. Whoever was behind the scenes working on that matchcard and the production… Thank you for making my childhood pop and giving me something to forever be in awe of.


Waiting for a while…

Ever since the other night (Sunday), watching TV just hasn’t been the same for me.

When I come across powerful, heavy TV shows, it just isn’t that easy for me to jump into a next series. A Different World and Friday Nights Light — as I’ve made clear, I imagine — were that for me. It’s hard to lighten up after those.

Me, I came from a household with elders who wouldstay watching Trouble on TV (i.y.k.y.k), so I grew up onFresh-Prince, My Wife and Kids, City Guys, Moesha, Martin, The Parkers, Hang Time, One on One; you name it – and then later on when they started airing them; The Cosby Show and Diff’rent Strokes. The likes of the tail-end shows [from the late 70s & early 80s] were so cool to me when I was in secondary school; getting to see what really started off and paved way for those shows from the 90s that I know so many of us love, whether that be 70s, 80s or 90s babies. There’s a reason [why] they were so great and beloved.

So, Yo. When I got onto A Different World, which I had only learned about at like, 17? I’m still pissed that “they” hid it from me, really. I can see why now. I wonder, like, ‘what if A Different World was on TV when I was a kid?’ Would I have embraced my skin colour more; would I have learned from early and been proud of this like I am now and as such plus much.

I started out in love with Denise Huggstable (no typo) in season 1 — back when shit was bland, thank GOODNESS for Debbie Allen being in the house! — and ended up falling in LOVE with Whitley (Dwayne, you inspired me, and now I know for CERTAIN MOOOSTTT that I’ll get the right girl who I want to travel along with me in this life… One “fairy-tale” depicted up on T.V. that I  DO believe in if there ever was one; mind you, all their asses was fine by season 5. Last scene on the finale nearly made me shed tears… No Will in the house alone ending, but I felt it. That type of comradery between two brothers could never be kilt by money — it’s just not powerful enough to match wid it. Think I’ma properly move on [up] to The Jeffersons, as well as Good Times, next.

As for FNL, I learned a lot from watching all five seasons… but what was bigger than that show for me, was more of just the reminder I felt like I needed every time I felt like I was falling off. So I’ll put it like this:

Eric Taylor reminded me of what Pride and a Fair game for all is. Tami Taylor reminded me to be that one who cares. Tim Riggins reminded me that your mishaps aren’t always a reflection of who you are at core; being someone who deep-down, led with the kindest intentions. Even Tyra Collette, who reminded me that I’ve gotta make something of myself — even though people are only waiting to see me fail like I may have done in the past… Re-edit history in a better light for your own future. Landry Clarke reminded me to persist. Matt Saracen reminded me to stay humble. In way-polar-opp to the former, Brian “Smash” Williams reminded me that you better know you good. Vince Howard reminder me you can turn your life around. Jess Merriweather reminded me to stay resilient and get your worth, regardless.

Clear Eyes • Full Hearts • Can’t Lose •

Don’t think I’ll forget that for as long as I live.

All in all, I’m just happy with what both shows covered and could offer to my life at the most fitting time. Show appreciation for the things that pass time and give you a sense of comfort in such a world where it’s way too easy to fall victim to how cold and uncomfortable it can really get. They just took my life, you know?

Thank you once again, Netflix. For real, you’ve just gotta find the right programs to watch; and persevere with them – they’ll be good to you.


The Universe feels you…

• Salute to Gilly for the exchange of knowledge earlier on today — crazy how that happened all because of some crystals… We both know synchronicity is far from a joke, and neither is this layered, multi-dimensional universe that we live in on a physical-illuzed level; where time is nothing but sheer man-made and all · Also, so long to Kate — who’ll be more than dearly missed; and if I don’t ever work a job again… or if I do, I think she’ll forever be the best person I worked with ·


“Every time I’m down, the universe leads me to what I need to bring me back up. Thank you, Universe.” 

Jam to this ⇑ for me one time and get crafty on this young Friday-night-soon-coming-as-Saturday-morning · No Doubt! •

Sometimes the fight really worth it

• Very mad that nobody was there to put me on from early • Over the past seven days I’ve heard some stellar music, as you know, right • Very few new albums — ones that are new to my ears — that I keep on my phone; and in their full lengths, too — no deletes of the songs, no exceptionals • Oddisee… Thank you for putting up a fight, as this is truly something that I can see myself appreciating years down the line —knowing that you provided non-compromise, quality-based material •

Cadence for Decades


Minutes before today began, I finished this, thinking, ‘#ShouldveListenedToTaj.’ Those who know me know that I rarely sleep, but my LOARWD. This is the [only] Trap music I needed all along, after all. I mean, Future’s nice; and Ferg is nice; but Denzel Curry?! I need a shake-up never mind a wake-up. This album got some trap excellence. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like it yet. Plus, dude’s already got one of my favourite voices. The way he delivers the words is so ill and gives each word a purposeful life to live on. If this is how he’s been going on for THREE YEARS… Then I’m just disgusted in myself for letting it take this long time that it has. Great introduction for me to him as an artist for sure; and I’m definitely going back to his catalogue archive. Imperial is already a very strong contender for AOTY along with Bas’ Too High To Riot. Can’t wait to play this some more.

On another note, though… Harry Fraud still dropping these heavy beats for Curren$y and Smoke DZA, whose EP, He Has Risen, is super smooth if you want something with good beats and to listen to if you’re planning to pass half an hour or so. Plus Snoop is pulling verses out his ass these days; and not that bullshit, just phownky [shit]. More than worth peeping it!

Also, gotta rate the new Kano, with his fifth LP, Made In The Manor. Glad he put “Flow of the Year” on – even if it was only a bonus. It’s just serious respect to a guy such as himself, who kept true to those [British] “roots” whilst a lot of the guys at the front wandered off and wasted away their time they could have used to build a legacy, chasing after the approval elsewhere. No disrespect to them, since, clearly they know that now 👀. What’s incredible about him, the way I see it, is that he, even as a pioneer himself, recognises and isn’t shy to pay homage to the Reggae; to the Garage scene; the 2-Step; the Jungle; and just as well: the Grime scene – refusing to ignore Wiley, Dizzee, etc. He’s clearly humble, though one of the most skilled and equipped I’ve seen, from “P’s & Q’s” to “Nite Nite” and then “This Is The Girl” to “Raver…” he’s obviously just versatile with the sound.