LSNCLR’s ‘Subtle Changes, 8th August’ | photo by Krystle Sinclair

Feeling SUPER accomplished & fulfilled (a creator’s geek-out moment/wet dream)

Always wanted to try my hand in recreating a photograph, and was so keen to recreate the original (left) that it became like a sickly disease. Thought it would be interesting to see the changes between this year and last.

Big up Krystle, for putting up and having patience — we managed to get a near-duplicate (right).


Just watch and listen, my brudda.

I’d be lying if I said this guy hasn’t been one of my major influences in terms of how one articulates oneself when speaking on a matter.

I’ll just say watch and listen. Out of all people I’ve heard speak, not many have done so with such knowlegic (knowledge + logic). I’ve nothing to add, because I’ve pretty much parallel beliefs and opinions, so yeah… In a way he’s speaking for me, just not with my spirit, of course being him. Not much else to be said though, lol!

Except, oh shit yeah… Yesterday I watched two documentary films :

REINCARNATION (2012 documentary film starring Snoop Dogg/Lion) and actually thought that was a decent watch – especially just to hear Snoop speak on coming from the mindstate he was at, to his most recent.

Also—fortunately I found a link for this one lmao—THE ARTIST IS PRESENT (2010, starring Marina Abramovic), which I was meaning to check out from back in 2013? I’m actually glad to have done so now;

Because, [ A ] I realized how close-minded I was towards the idea of what “Art” truly is; and that it does come in waaay more forms than the regular we’re being shown on a daily basis – so it was frankly refreshing to say the least.

And then, [ B ] I was reveled in how even more open-minded it made me and has inspired me to push myself and do what I want to do no matter how “weird” or “wild” such may appear to the receiver.

By the way, it’s not exactly [I don’t like it unless it’s] BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW, BRAND NEW… but hear this and just groove, baby – groove (and try keep yours on):

Also, just because I tend to listen to at least one of my ‘soul’ CDs in my stereo on a Sunday as part of my very own hosted #SoulSundays (lmfao), I thought I’d share a song from the album (Get Lifted) I’m listening to right now as I write this (edited this part in aI write this (edited this part in between 23:13 & 23:19).

Anyways, those are my recommendations. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know if there’s anything you think is worth me checking out. And… Yeah – Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and gear up for a choiced good week – i.e. choose to enjoy yourself!