Finally completed the trilogy of A Tribe Called Quest first three albums last night in the a.m., with Midnight Marauders being the last one i had left to listen to—phenomenal.

But yeah, so… This is where it gets weird, right…
Since i have a playlist comprised of music (full-length projects to be specific) on my phone that i’ve yet to listen to for first times, what i now do, is listen from the top of the playlist where i finish off (sometimes going from one project straight into another).

So, last night, i played three albums. After Midnight (the Tribe album and literally, in terms of what time it was), i jumped straight into Riff Raff’s Peach Panther… And it BANGED—super hard like Rottweiler; shit was super early morning glory. Once finished listening, i was just like… ‘The bars and hooks were genius, and all of those beats were nasty.’ Damn, Jody!
Anyway, i get onto my third and final listen of the night—though it would have been fourth, as i was tempted to listen to The Infamous by Mobb Deep after this one—What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye… emotional.

As i sat there listening in retrospect, to a 30/31-year-old singing his blues regarding troubles of the world in 1971, i couldn’t help the melancholy that was the fact i feel the same way Marvin felt. “Save The Children” probably stood out to me the most. This album came out 23 years before i was even but a mere sperm, let alone a physical existenceyet, it’s 45 years since its release, and there was me, 21-years-of-age, feeling connected, yo. It does hurt, though, that these exact issues he addressed still exist today; and maybe will do forever if something serious isn’t done or doesn’t happen/take place. Can’t call it; i don’t know—perhaps the world is the world, and this is the way of it. It’s Still Going On, Marvin.

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