So apparently yesterday was World Poetry Day, right? And. I missed it for the second year running [major cry]. So this is sorta my late entry, pah. Thanks to 3MoLeb for telling me although I kinda wish I didn’t know, because I wouldn’t feel so bad for not posting on the day. Anyway, this is actually a poem that I’m considering borderline ‘ithinkitzFinished…ButknowThatitzNotReally.’ This one originally came from the post — untitled at the time I was in the process of writing it — I let go on here. I did have it in mind to finish off the text and post it all in raw form, but having not completed neither the main nor the poem and with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it made more sense to~and that it was fitting to post separately when suitable. Something  in me told me to do it! [snarls]. Whether I’ll get back to and retouch the poem — I reaaally don’t know. Anyway, without further ado… Darryl, recently hitting 30 [HA… Like I’m not next up] this one’s dedicated to you, bro. Was meant to actually post this one last Monday (14/3), but SHIT got in the way — literally. Keep on grafting — that’s you, and I’m proud of you.

P.S. Can WordPress PLEASE sort out the formatting?! I’m tired of this shit.




my elder brother works hard, and… got heart, but I… no, “you don’t do enough, Lewis,”  “you’re lazy.” trying to pursue a dream like that? you’re crazy. what will it bring to your life? used to say “I don’t know” out of fear I’d be belittled,                    it makes sense in my mind, but to my family, it’s riddled, that’s how I speak, though. what’s wrong with me, though?

is it since my aspirations don’t parallel with yours, or…
that ship doesn’t sail, in your mind there’s no motion in it,
so I row, G, with ease, out of sigh(t), hoping to grow…

mouth so quiet, heart so loud, not knowing how to keep it under water on the low
key to my success is one for me. You found yours,
your portfolio is something I could never un-compress,
yet I don’t detest…                                              

for my test is unique; my life is a different study. you & I could never replicate one another, and see just that…

we have the same result,                                 but it don’t fit our lives the same way;         we don’t feel the same way by it;              same vibe from it;                                         come from the same tribe,                               still it just don’t trigger the same emotion do it?



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