Mom & Dad most definitely taught me about the “means” from a young.

This year, I’ve been finding it easier to simplify my life. And whether this is because of that cleaning of my bedroom a few weeks back, or just plainly through my mentality by the choices I’m making โ€” I don’t think I know yet (Mom may just [as well] be right all of the time after all then if that’s the case).

Anyway, what I’ve slowly been figuring out is how to balance “want” and “need.” I was in Merry Hill with ‘Leb and told him about how it’s mad that how good something looks can drive you to wanting it, when that’s just the packaging; the surface; top layer โ€” and all that came from just looking at a Nesquik Milk Bar, you know, looool!

So far this year, in a strong comparison to 2015, I’ve already saved more than I’ve spent. And though I’ve spent bits here and there, I haven’t really looked at those transactions as expenditures โ€” I honestly can’t say I count the money that’s left my pocket or bank has been a waste; that same type of waste that, before, I’d often worry about after letting it go. In all fairness, I’ve had what I believe anybody would consider to be enough money to go be frivolous with my spending โ€” but… complete and utter nah.

See, what I’m seeing now, is that, I might have the money for now to; packing enough to be able to afford things. However, at the same time as that, I’m dealing with more and so it would be easier not only to say that (living for today, because you might not get tomorrow’), but to throw away more. [The] aspect that I’ve had to look at, is: ‘so then… what if tomorrow does come?’ I mean, it’s not the end of the world and all if I’m broke โ€” it’s just that, so many times, I’ve fallen victim to remorse over that money I spent, because my mind was in the now, thinking that later wasn’t on its way; [even] when I clearly knew, too. Also, you know what? That notion about spending money on “… experiences rather than material things” is real. I’ve noticed this one for sure.

I’m teaching myself to deal with less, so that if I ever hit rock bottom, it’s not some shock to my system. What’s humbling me a lot as a human being lately, is knowing that, ‘I could have it all today and nothing tomorrow.’ Frivolous spending has no sense to it. I think we generally don’t know how much we really have, and also how fast things can go. That Krispy Kreme donut you had; that Nandos; that night out. Not that these things are bad, or that you’re not entitled to what you wish, even when you make your own money โ€” but at least have a knowing mind about it when you do go after these things. I can’t speak for all, though I’d certainly say I’m not senseless โ€” hence, even someone as impulsive as I am, has to think first and not be so willingly oblivious, ignorant, just because their pocket is glowing.

Two things my Mom has advised time and time [again] over, are that I keep a self-written track of my spendings, as well as to use tangible [money] rather than my debit card when purchasing. Before, I didn’t really see the sense she was trying to show me โ€” March 2016 now, and it’s clicked. A debit card is just so accessible that it’s convenient to use, as opposed to cash from your pocket, handbag, or wherever. You don’t see that money leaving the plastic same way as the paper or copper departs. It’s like you forget how much you’re spending, until you see the bank statement and truly realize how dumb you were at the time. Mom also told me you should be able to touch money if you need it. So it’s no acting like I’m rich forever in terms of the money. It’s just more disciplined and both rational; logical when you have a set amount to work with and make it known to yourself that you needn’t be going past that what is there.

I’m someone who’s often been considered to be “tight” with my money, but I damn sure as hell know why… and I know I can find a penny; or a pound; a hundred; a thou, though. Saving more than spending is more a skill than I’d have bargained for real. It helps though when you see what’s happening with your choices and because of them. I’m still learning to manage my money a lot better anyway. I’d advise you definitely do the same, because as much as I may not believe money is important, it is too hard to come by and be blowing fast… and then complaining too, lmao. These days, if I go -1 then I’m going +2. I just reinforce that, right now, nothing โ€” if anything, then rarely โ€” ever really seems like a loss because it’s all wiser decision.

Very much slept on it, let it mull, and heavily contemplated but… This year, despite my attachment with the memories of wear and my anecdotes to go with the times I go ’em โ€” I might even get rid of my Js and Jerseys, too…

Man’s on a streak unheard-of in my book of history, I tell ya.

Thank you 3Mo/Leb for making sure I don’t forget about the ‘#Meanz! We’re for sure onto something by being aware to what “living within your means” means, my brother. [Also, any rap fans looking for someone new to listen to, check out Nick Grant if you haven’t already. 3Mo/Leb put me onto him and his most recent release, ’88,’ just the other day… And I was impressed as Leb claimed he thought I’d be. So, YES].

I’ll leave [you all] with this one, which actually was something I wrote as my WhatsApp status earlier on, after a continued, forever-going-on exhausting discussion about “work and money” with my Mom, Dad and Brother-in-law, who was there and actually sparked it back for them, kinda ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nobody really “NEEDS” anything or anybody. It depends what you want it or them for; and if it truly even matters to the means of your life.



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