Our Learned Behaviourisms

Big up to Emily for sharing this one with me. Second vegan post in the space of less than a damn day now, lol. I’m on my way. Forwarding this, just because the words from the first four minutes alone completely resonated – plus I just know that I’m gonna be even more sold on the lifestyle by the end of the video. If it’s “brainwashing” as my Momma would call it, then hey, I’ll take something that’s good, for sure. Serve me up double the amount; I’ll come back for seconds ‘n’ more, too, mate. Zeeing az it’z only over an hour long, I think I’ll be revisiting to watch in segments over the course of the next day or zo. Learning a mix of ‘raw & impromptu’ w/ ‘balance and discipline,’ yarzeen.


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