Doing “Something”

My Mom, for me, epitomised what I say it means to “do something.”

I remember not so long back (‘t’was around probably late 2014/early 2015). I was chatting to my Mom — whatever the conversation was specifically about and centred around — and I said something like, “Dad goes to work, so what do you do? Is his money yours as well? She replied, Me and your Dad are a team,” (that was actually wonderful).

I don’t actually see how I was so ignorant. My questionings sounded rather prick-ish, actually.

So, [this] raises my written speaking today: What is doing something?

Often, I wonder what work really is for; what are we doing there? I keep thinking like, ‘why am I lazy if I choose to input my energy this way rather than that?’ There’s these hidden standards of what’s perceived as to be doing something.

The idea of work, to me — and also to my Auntie and my Big Brother, as I found out just yesterday — is a trade; whereby, you have a service to provide and somebody has the goods they can give up to you if you exchange with them. But something else I thought of and now believe, is how “work” is something you don’t really want to be doing but in order to get something you want – ‘you gotta do it,’ ‘you gotta work for it.’ Meaning that, you’re not really doing what you enjoy. If you wake up and don’t wanna be getting out of bed — unless you just feel weird or somesh — then it’s more than likely you’re a slave to the system and to something you’re out after.

My question to the latter is: What do you let that do, though? How much do you let it control you; do you at all, or is it something that you’re not stressing. You see, it’s easy to fall victim to something you long for; and we all long for something. Does that something dominate our lives, though? Does that something dictate the state of what our current lives are? I genuinely believe that it’s the putting value into something you’ve no idea the value of that catalyses the disappointment you’ll often experience once you get that “it,” the thing you thought would boost your life so much, making it that much better.

Albeit, what I’ve really got to say is that we need to be less hard on ourselves, because it’s easy for me to be here sharing my ideologies vs. ‘what society say’ but even I’m just somebody still trying to find my way. But although I know my worth and believe in the calling God has sent me now, at end of the day, there’s one thing I take away from all of this: sometimes it’s never that easy to do.

But not to take/steer this away from the important subject today, really this is just me saying how much I appreciate my Mom; and not only that, but also just giving a round of applause to anybody doing something with their lives or trying.

I used my Mom as a study for this entry, just because I feel like Moms would relate to lack of respect rather than appreciation; I mean, Fathers too, and rightfully so, but within a different realm – since I think both side of parents go through something similar, but experience and take it struggles in completely different ways. I’m not a parent, though. I can only speak on what I sense. But yeah this is Mother’s Day – so back to it. “A lot of people don’t receive the credit they deserve,” and that’s real. What I’d prefer to say is that, I don’t think you need the credit for doing what it is you’re supposed to do or for doing great things in life… however, don’t disregard nor overlook what somebody is doing for the better.

The issue is, it’s like greatness is expected of us, and really we’re humans more so than robots. Greatness takes time; patience; perseverance. Roadblocks get in the way; things happen, and yes, that’s no excuse to stop but realize that we all gotta do it in our own time. Why rush ’em like that, in such intrusive way like you know better when you really don’t? Instead, understand that somebody is really struggling from working on whatever “it” is they wish to pursue. Many Moms, in my mind, exemplify somebody constantly trying their best… yet it’s just not seen nor much merited. Not that it needs to be, but it’d be nice that we just recognise and respect effort though. As much as apparently we should know better and what to do, we’ve been handed this free will and don’t know the way – I’d call that the majority of us are still here finding ours and will fall off sometimes, because this shit [really] ain’t easy. Anybody else can try judge, but only you know how difficult it is or has been to you. They can’t tell the stories of your past sufferings the way you could. They don’t know of your sacrifices. So really I wanted to just remind people of all this, because even I forget – it’s so easy to. We need to appreciate each other as humans enough to either offer help or know that they’re going through [something] and trying to get through it. Our struggles are equally as tough. Just because it’s easy to you, it doesn’t mean the next person can endure it the same way. [We gotta be able to] respect that.

Put it this way: Taking on responsibilities just as you’d imagine a parent would, my Mom raised five kids (including me); had a stroke at 43 and has been able to juggle so many things a Mathematician would lose it trying to keep count. Now, if I can’t see that, though it seems like little on paper; it’s bigger in real life – then that’s a shame on me. Plus, I can’t talk, since I can barely balance two/three things at a time for myself, never mind for six other people. Who am I to judge somebody ? For that reason, I applaud what my Mom has done. I believe Moms have some sort of super powers. Me not being able to appreciate the little things let alone the major would be selfish, especially when it’s somebody who’s responsible for more than one life, constantly hitting the targets, whilst her own life is in danger on a daily wouldn’t make any sense, even if like any other human she messes up sometimes. You should highlight and see those beautiful, graceful things give credit for the amazing amount of sheer endeavour, day in, day out.

All of this is why I praise my Mom and others out there, because I could probably never comprehend all that a Mom does. My Mom has made my life possible, as well as always given me the real essential things I need to know to do what I gotta do for me in this run. We have disagreements, but I can’t thank her enough. Momma knows. Moms KNOW. Believe me. They feel and see it a different way – I can tell.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommas. You’re appreciated. I recognise that it ain’t easy, and that it can be more than just “hard work.” Much love and blessings from my way are spreaded out/extended!


The song in the video below never gets old. I just get it.



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