Chillin’ in the presence of Blythe

I just thought of this outta nowhere, just because I was rapping, “God knows I don’t wanna go prison…”

“Underdog Psychosis” is something I cite as an early eye-opener for me. It could’ve been anybody saying the same words, sitting in that same room, behind the same camera but the fact that it was Skepta, I think, did something way more for me. To hear it from him. And this was one of the realest things I’d ever heard from anybody at the time. It just spoke to me. Skepta was letting us all know about “They” from time ago, my G.

I hope you can grab some good from this. I won’t ever forget this video, and I don’t know when will be the last time I sit and watch it. May it be as good as it has been to me, to you, like the Chuckles.


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