The Musical Just ICE

On a whim, I’m writing this, still buzzed off the Bassy vibes. My goodness. Some artists just can’t miss. This 11 – 13-track album trend just works for Dreamville. Since 2014, the “96 [Chicago] Bulls” been at it, getting the net poppin’, even if the net [worth] is being repeatedly put on a back-burner – which in this case is doing musical favours and justice.

The formula might not have changed the game yet, or let alone reached it, [but still] what’s being pushed, though, is the idea of quality over quantity — both amount of tracks on album and sales — and I can only pray that’s a sign of more than good things to come for hip-hop music.

The radio hits just aren’t important anymore. I’ve gone back to listen to albums from 2011 onwards, and can honestly only name, to me, a few that have eclipsed “time.” Found out last night that Fetty Wap just went platinum with his debut, self-titled album. More power to him. Well-deserved with the hits he was able to put out in 2015 that still got nightclubs going crazy. It’s all phases, though. I’m tired of hearing 10 albums the same – hence why so selective these days with what I choose to listen to.

For the past how many years now, these newly-released albums have been almost too predictable, because it’s common knowledge and cat-out-the-bag that for an artist to sell, they gotta follow the sound of the radio. What’s failed in the mean time, though, is album sales. It’s being proven nowadays that the return of quality is the old-new way that’s back.

The audience have been fooled for far too long, but no longer now. It’s getting to the point where, music more people are just growing tired [of the same old shit]. Tolerance is seeing a decline, and the past 5 years have been primarily nothing but a drone, in my opinion. Independence & innovation have taken over. While RIAA have changed the boundaries for the numbers needed for an album to a Platinum, it’s becoming all the more clear and prominent that the music matters more when you strip everything away.

Regardless of 1K or 1M first week, the artists really winning are the ones making the music channeling emotions that these other artists following the generic base/template can’t do. The vibrations; the influence; the feelings given off through the music are what just can’t be compared to. And so, in the long run, the music that lasts overcomes all. Better for something to {OUT}grow than to have a quick burst and stay where it’s at. Which is why you’ll find that something good can sell anytime, as its value isn’t determined by the now, but the whenever, instead. That’s why you see some albums that started off slow, but paced to higher heights without rapid progress. When it’s [its] time, it’s time. “Nothing is ever done until the time.” And, due to the artist putting the music over all, the alternative reward for that as sub for the commercial success [for them and the listener] is satisfaction within.

Independence & innovation are the triumphant components. If your shit isn’t selling, it gotta have something to fall back on, or it will burn, and not as an eternal flame but from ashes to ashes; only to be swept away and forgotten. Make your shit… and make it last. If not found now, maybe in a hundred years time somebody will find the book, read it and recognise it as the coined “100.” Real treasure ain’t be coated in gold –it’ll just be gold at core.

Been meaning to write about the current state of music for a while now, but big thanks to Too High To Riot, Bas’ album, just released today. Hiiiighly record-mended. Bas, you’re a human VIBE, my brother.

‘Cuz it’s Friday, you might have a job – but this ah get you high.



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