Too much ah kill you

Short recordings are becoming easier for me to do, apparently (so my life tells… no tales).

This one just came from me being taught by nature, that you just can’t allow things to overpower you – because it’s easy for a mind with no discipline to be penetrated or tempted with/by poison. You really have gotta recognise what something is when it comes to you.

Huge salute & ups to James, by the way. We had a conversation last November when we saw each other for the first time since, like, 2013, by chance when passing on the street. Following up to that, we did have a dialogue that was recorded in December… but somehow, that got lost on my phone and I’m still pissed about it – hoping it’s just a glitch or some sh[**]. The reason why I give James credit is for sharing the idiom “create more, consume less” (something like that). So, among posting this, it only felt right to give a quick call, as I felt that it played a part in me later expanding on the topic of in>and<output, somewhat.

Thank you to any listeners. I really can’t value your time enough, as I know of this A.D.D. time we’re stuck in right now. Easy to lose interest. So I salute those of you every time.

KRYSTLE ON THE ARTWORK. I love you, sis.


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