Respect Overcomes All


I’ve now got that much more respect for Tori [Kelly] after that show I attended at the O2 Institute, Birmingham with my Dad little sister. When an artist has a direct connection/interaction with the fans like THAT, as well as just pure talent, it’s no wonder as to why one is both graced and left with nothing but long applause and cheers like flowers brought. Some artists clearly don’t need to chart high with singles. Some artists are going to blossom with their fanbase and sound, and you can see it.

I see Tori becoming one of the biggest soon; and if not, then she’s a hit with those who know. Her key is being humble, the gift of such vocals, and dedication. So focused on stage and all-round mind-blowing along with her incredible band to back, also.

The way she can make people feel positive is something special, and I felt that in the air. She deserves all this success; and to see somebody humble staying humble is a b.o.f.a. Never was the biggest fan of pop music, but she’s the #1 Popstar in the world to me, by a landslide – and the fact that she takes pride in delivering quality, being on time, etc. is all the more reason to pay her that respect.

May her smile never be broken.

P.S. Big up to Samm Henshaw and his band – wizzowow, they put on easily one the best supporting act performance I’ve seen. Checking out his music A.S.A.P. What a night. Just had a great time. Heavy to finally have a show where I wasn’t waiting all night, too.


Tori, I’ll marry you – on everything. One day. Smile is really everything.





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