Where’s Janelle’s Disney soundtrack?!

In closing moments of the week; and a rather strange, long Sunday, even — you know those ones you just don’t feel right about and wanna sleep off — I feel like it’s only right to share a favourite of mine from Janelle Monaé’s debut studio album, The ArchAndroid. She should do a whole Disney soundtrack, right?! Her music is definitely some to sit with to be able to appreciate its credibility and deserved acclaim is what I’ll say. Wondaful music, though, at that.

I feel bad for not sharing anything from Common’s Be, but I think I already give that enough deal of praise anyways — those closest to me and ones who’ve followed me on social media know how I feel about it — my advice be just go listen to the whole ting.

But yeah… Even on the ones that don’t feel the most comfortable, I gotta keep the #SoulSundays going.

Tryna ready myself for an awaiting week ahead of what I hope isn’t one where I have to slay the mayhem.



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