Acceptance > Approval

The more and more I see things like this, and hear [people’s] stories about struggles with everyday life due to not feeling like their true self, the more open my mind gets. I’ve just been educated.


It’s been something I’ve always questioned, but I genuinely believe that “gender” is bullshit now. I used to be one of those guys who thought you aren’t born in / into whatever your soul considers you to be, and that it was a matter of “preference.” I can’t ignore that nurture exists; but I feel like though you may be molded into something – it’s something you’re not; that you never were meant to be by nature. Nature is who you are; that’s always going to be home to you.

But what’s really important? Well, I agree with the statement about “what liberates you.”

Praises to this guy human being. Thank you for sharing ‘the knowing.’ Thought it’d only be right I share this video today.



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