iT jusT goT… ‘BLACK.’

Here’s the picture
by SNL who PAINted it.

Between the recent music releases (new albums from Rihanna with ANTi, Kanye West with The Life of Pablo), and then of course what the video in this log is a perpetuation of (the whole Superbowl 50 controversy after “Formation”), as well as apparent word from LL Cool J that Kendrick Lamar will be putting on a “controversial” performance at the GRAMMYs next week (TCHYEEEAAAAASSSSZZZ!), plus a potential something from Kendrick and J. Cole (which I wish I believed); then — from what I know — the BRITs now being boycotted; plus Chris Rock hosting at the Oscars nearing the end of this month… I think [it looks like] it’s about to get dark.

Clear that it’s [now] “Black History Month” in full effect. Makes sense, don’t it?

At least, if everything is pulled off this time, they really can’t ignore.

Let’s see what “they” try to do next.

Anyway… Happy Valentine’s Day to my people. That’s just the where Love goes. To all taken and single folk – enjoy.

Be loved ones to self first and foremost – but never stop loving others; for we’re all one, regardless. Plus, there’s more to love than lust. Stop watching “rom-coms,” lol! Love is pure when it’s love; you needn’t force it. If it ain’t love, then “just leff it, my yout” <— (leave it, my friend).





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