“Can I Talk My Shit…” Again?

So, I’m back ‘sooner than expected,’ yet again. Yesterday evening, I shed light on my thoughts regarding ‘likability,‘ with [again] social media being a very focal ‘point of interest’ here.

Featured songs in the background, in case anybody wonders, are:

“Diary” by Alicia Keys & Tony! Toni! Toné! and “So Simple” also by Alicia Keys – taken from her 2nd studio album, The Diary Of Alicia Keys. Glimpses of “Dark Fantasy” (by Kanye West) and “Dragon Days” (Again, by Alicia) also played for, like, 5 seconds maybe. Lmao!

Thank you to everybody who’s tuned in and just heard me out; read my shit; shared and supported my shit – I see each and every one of you; I’ll remember. See you next time.

Again, look out for CHANGE OF CONDITIONS, coming Thursday 10th December, along with the launch of my new website, SYNCLRITY.COM as this be marking the birth of the first of many campaigns in 2016. Please join me if you want to see a better world; to create a happier life for you as well as your loved ones, etc.

Stay safe and keep having fun with your life, know your people and invest what you wish your days to be infested with.






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