First of many audio clips.

I spoke on gender expectationsmodern-day relationships, self-acceptance, the idea of how we learn, pressure, and appearance just to name a few.

This is something different for now, but won’t be the last time you hear me, as I plan to revisit, and articulate in a better, manner where I can really go in-depth and share with my learnings with you; to speak to everybody. Everything can be heard on my first campaign entitled the ‘CHANGE OF CONDITIONS,’ on Friday 10th December 2015 (launching on SYNCLRITY.COM). Hope to you’ll get behind it; support.

The inspiration came from last night. I wanted to do this whilst it was fresh in mind. Be ready to hear what “awkward” and “flawed” really is! TRUSS MI. This shit is really like a warm up; a first draft (clearly of a paper, not the NBA).

I won’t talk any looonger… This is long enough.


Enjoy. Criticise.
Do what you like. 


[Featured image: not sure of original source, but in this case, was taken from ‘thelowercasek’ on Tumblr. Thank you!].


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