I just saw that it’s Anti-Bullying week, so it was fitting to write something quick.

“Bullying” ain’t a joke, yo.

I think that it’s something taken a bit too lightly by many folk; and obliviously so. Bullying to me, is something that we don’t pay enough mind or attention to until it really gets serious; to a point where somebody is really hurt. It comes in many shapes and forms, that, it can be easily masqueraded – which is why I said that it seems to be taken so lightly.

Is it that a clear definition clearly hasn’t been established enough for people to know when they’re one and doing unto one (bullying); is it a complex within that resides with a past of troubles, no matter what the multitude of such, be it ‘I was once bullied,’ or ‘I was never loved.’ It can get deep.

I do think that it’s important we don’t continue to ignore signs or the action itself taking place; however that be. To not stay ignorant to such a thing. Learn if you weren’t taught.

Seen before my very eyes, I know when it’s clearly not “banter,” and certainly probably isn’t to many.

To be sensitive of another’s feelings or existence (whatever you wish to call it) makes you no weaker. It’s the having the consideration for the next person. Don’t beat down on them – please.

Like I said: it really ain’t a joke.



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