I’m fed up of people running away from the issues of the world and [even the non-believers are] coming back to pray up to heaven when the dust from under the rug breaks out & all hell breaks loose. There’ll be tears out of fear we cry, many refuse to try; why? Scared to die. Weekend madness is over. Back to Monday when it arrives, it’s back to our blessings that we can’t even appreciate. Yeah, we get it – “life happens” to all, but who steps up and wishes to conquer? Who refuses to let this just go on?

The war can’t end without a battle for something. You say “WHAT!?” I say: “Why are we fighting for?” is it petty things now; minor things; designer things now; we wanna be diamond bright and all, so we’ll buy rings to be so; but don’t wanna pick up the phone to answer a calling to change something for the better and see others shine – so how can we really glisten?

Please listen. No matter what we earn, this is the life we’re living in ‘the world that we live in.’ In chains with no change to spare for a helpless, the homeless; yet we’ll spend fortune on the unnecessary that’s not enough for us. Who said we need put up a fight with artillery and go out with intentions of losing our lives at the same time. Just don’t get your rope twisted; lower it down safely, you can’t be afraid to jump in the water of this world to save your future son or daughter.

Now some of us (the people) see one of colour and rush to paint all of the colours the same way with that one brush; but complain about a problem that they’re a part of, so once they realize, they soon hush.

She’s a “bitch,” she’s a “hoe,” yet, despite her not causing you harm, you’d shoot a shot in her butt and laugh, calling her “fat ass” doe. You wouldn’t think to help her… so, who’s the problem? I finally understand now that our bloodlines may not be connected but that’s suppose your brother, too; that’s your sister, too.

Don’t we the humans run this race together, collectively? There’s no need to be in competition with the next. Why look down at the one next to you if we’re all supposed to be getting to the finish line. The race is incomplete without us all; and yes, unfortunately for some of you who may be at dismay to the following, we gotta live with what we got.

And.. this right now, is all that we’ve got, as we might just be nearing the ‘last days.’ And, if, at the start of this race, you look to your left and right before the gunshot goes, you’ll probably find that there’s not many of us left by the looks of it, because they’re really shooting us now.

The race is killing off the race.


NOTE: image does not belong to me. found via Tumblr user ‘im-lost-in-y0u.’


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