‘Change Of Conditions’ by LSNCLR



This started out as a continuation tweet, so long (started out like: “Sooo… with all this—and that trash talk out of the way;”) that I scrapped and turned the murrfucker into a post, since I ain’t been post sheeeuyyt on here since July.

Literally just over an hour ago, I got back on Twitter to talk my shit on my new project (releasing next month), and I figured: since I could easily discuss the likes of #Empire, the antics between 50 Cent & whoever, not to mention how Justin Bieber is in his frigg’n ZONE right now and just all that currently is popping (you know, “pop culture”)… as entertaining, exciting as that may be… I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT (though I kinda just did).

It may come as surprise (“really, nigga?”), but I’m actually just here to talk about some important things; what I’m concerned about and [what appear to seem as though they’re] secret thoughts that I know live with the plenty of souls in this society. We’re all thinking of or about something, right (that is if we’re human)? And it’s a fair enough that content with their lives and got shit together – more power to you if so, though.

I want to talk to those who need talking to, or just need to say something but don’t wish to – usually out of fear of the words being ‘taboo’ or simply straight up shunned. Feeling forever like you can never have a stance that feels impartial – not even for once, being that we’re surrounded by somewhat opinionated beings who seem, through their narcissistic, hard heads, to forget that others have something to say, too. Somewhere along the line, folk grew selfish; started to believe that their opinion = fact.


Struck me to realize that: ‘Damn. The opinionated can’t take an outside opinion. Are are we that pride-driven, eye set up on the prize, that we can’t hear somebody else out. People wanna be right. The first to get their word in and be heard, then [they’re] gone.’ So, [YOU TELL ME] where is the communication with mouth and no ears?

Too much is brushed under the rug right now. The world is and isn’t a joke as we’re living it right now. Society got a lot of us trapped; institutionalised, panicking; still watching and waiting for our time whilst “frozen like a mannequin.”

I and a few others will be putting the rest in words, moments caught in the basket of creativity – which will then be pushed and put out to the world this #DecemBRRR. So I’m not going to ramble on any further after once this is done. Just, please I ask you to join me in confidence and trust as a confidant, to move further as a human race before any ethnicity; before any background; social group – all that goes aside now. We’ve got to deal with what’s important, as much as we’d like to forget about our daily troubles. And, with this project, or future endeavours in general, life isn’t so much “going to be perfect,” we’re always going to make mistakes – but the importance is found in embracing what ‘is’ and proceeding by telling all conditioning that tries to lock us up, that it can go suck an arsehole, for real… countless times.

I believe that we needn’t run, nor sit in fear that we can’t create our own formula that enhances life in a way that’s appealing and convenient to us. Breaking all barriers that, on a daily basis, rut us like that and restrict us from freedom.

You just got a conditional offer from that says: “Your grades don’t meet our standards. We’re sorry that we can’t accept you.” This doesn’t define your future. Accept yourself and think freely enough to know that the fate happened, but you were left free-will; enough to paint out your own path. Accept your own conditions.

It’s us. The dialogues need opening up – so spark the conversations. It’s really not about [the level of] complexity; because, if anything, it’s the plain, simple truth and clarity we need in order to progress; to “move on.” Clear understanding of our own missions and recognising what comes our way or gets ‘in’ it. Working towards being the version of us that brings us serenity; a sense of happiness. Strength to endure pain, not live an easy life that’s only a fairy-tale as we know it. This stuff is all necessary.

The bumpy road is ahead (and there’s going to be boring, stale times as well as the REAL fun that comes later), but guess what… we’ve got somewhere to be heading to… and we’re already late but it’s never to late to make happen what awaits you.

This is a journey to the places that, together, we all need to get to in unison. Whether it be: for us individually, or with/alongside our most loved ones. We’re going to get there. Maybe we can’t all get along, I’ll put a kick in the “can” before I tell you that it’s “not,” though (as knotty as our situations may be). It’s worth the try and I’ve had to ignore those who told me, “you’re wasting your time,” when I’m doing this for “us.” It’s really not all me. I understand now, that, though we’ve our own universes up there in mind, we cross paths and do have to share this one world. It’s that learning to coexist, and if not – then keep it moving until your planet meets one you can work with.

There’s no excuses no more. We’ve been down too long. It’s no good blaming race, sexuality, class, background, indivuality, religion, whatever else you can think of… don’t even bother name it – because it doesn’t matter now, worse business is going on “and you know this… MAAAN.”


This world is for everybody. As we sin, as we fall – please forgive and rise together to stand so tall that they can’t do shit to us. No matter how much they try to fuck us, it ain’t over – and, we no bias; we just stay open, even if they don’t buy us, the priceless nature of heart that requires genuine love can’t be bought nor replaced by the superficial. We official. We acknowledge the mess, but try to clean it up the best way possible. With understanding, comes respect. Learn to wait for your time; and to stop falling for the bait when you know that it’s not for you – to recognize and acknowledge for what is; don’t dig for something when you don’t need to be carrying a shovel – dead weight. We [are] we.. and ‘One.’

Who says NO! Fuck um. Let’s go anyway.

‘CHANGE OF CONDITIONS’ avaliable for your viewing, on 10-12-2015 upon the official launch of my new website at SYNCLRITY.COM.

Thank you for your time.



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