Loss Of My Ignorance

I realize I’ve been far too lenient with hearing/seeing use a certain N-word. It needs to stop. I was once fooled by ‘the more it’s used, the more the power goes away, as well as its meaning.’ which wasn’t true, to me. Then, as I started to find out more about the word, I was like – ‘this is pure wrong.’ That’s when I saw that, the power is still present. Not everybody takes it the same way – some subconsciously brush it off; whilst some others are brushed the wrong way by it.

The word clearly isn’t acceptable, and people use it so freely, unaware of what they’re actually projecting by saying it. It’s really ignorance – that’s the bottom line. I’ve been guilty of using it in the past, it’s just, I simply learned that, it ain’t right, and I was only making it easier for others to say it. So… I should be the change I wish to see. I’d be naive to think it’ll all just go away like that. But, I can’t complain if I’m not trying to do something about it.

Lewis Sinclair


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