It’s just nice seeing two kids together playing, getting along – let alone them be related.

Family is something important; keeps me grounded. Reminds me what’s really worth investing your time in – the people that you share a mutual love with. Life is about and revolved around a whole heap of things, a lot in which can take over you, have you caught up. I’ve often lost touch, but when I’m around what’s REALLY prime and right to be around – I’m good.

Me being 20 years old now, I feel I have a responsibility even as an Uncle, to in future bring both my Nephew & Niece together, plus any more who may potentially come (God willing). Because… I remember being a kid; playing with my Cousins but as I grew up, I didn’t have the greatest relationship with them; still don’t. No hard feelings, though. It’s just that I wish I had a sibling-like connection with mine back then.

Bonds are more powerful than I think we take them for. I hope, like really pray for a tight family if I’m ever going to have one, one day. I’d love to have that. A unit. It’s almost like having a group of different people; different personalities. They may have disagreements but, with the right teachings of morals that I would instill, I know I wouldn’t worry. Purely because maybe, at least, they’ll all come to their senses, realize the most valuable thing in the end and see that vision.

I believe everybody has visions. That’s one of mine.


One thought on “BLAKE | VANESSA

  1. I loved it it is a very good analogy. Keep up the good work, dont let anyone ever put you down, follow your dreams. Make sure to always do things for you not other people, like if you want to do something don’t let anyone stop you.
    Always love you
    Just always remember, “Always believe, never give up and never say never x”❤❤❤❤💋✌


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