I was listening to the album, Reasonwhich serves as Selah Sue’s second LP offering. However firstly let me just clarify quickly that, I won’t be doing a track-by-track breakdown, just to let you know beforehand. So if you’re expecting that type of review, this isn’t for you to read *laughs*.

All right. Straight in. At first, I’ll be honest here (coming from a fan), the opening half of the album (track 2-6 in particular) didn’t click with nor impress me like her previous songs have done in the past. The music early-on, to start with, sounded crafted in the form of typical radio fashion – songs that I’d say, sonically, were following the archaic root to only creating more generic hits the music world doesn’t need right now; only difference being Selah’s unique tone that added something just about satisfying to my ears.

I did feel like I was already on a path to disappointment, hoping so much that the project would rapidly pick up the pace. Fortunately for me, I was in luck and that happened eventually by track 7 was when she really began to blow me away again. The last seven songs were amazing, really powerful, as well. Selah Sue doing what she does best, and that’s – using her highly advanced vocals to project her beautifully-written lyrics of substance; music with meaning  through her songs packed with emotion at its best, to feel.

One thing I’ve noticed in common about Selah’s music is that between her recorded audio and live performance (any time I’ve listened or watched), the authenticity is always there; she carries the music with how graceful & skilled she sings. So, with that being said, I’m saying that… Selah Sue + some stellar producers would be deadly; like, a really dangerous force to reckon with. That, in my bold opinion, is what potentially could elevate her artistry – especially because her VOICE; she’s got it and it couldn’t be any more universally appealing than she already is, in my eyes.

She hasn’t lost the essence of herself. Although, the sound of her music on this album seems to have swayed towards the radio; her Soulful, Reggae vibe with that kick of the Raspy voice still all remains there, embedded in the lines of the music itself. At core, I sense that Selah will always work naturally with acoustic music and I can’t picture it being any other way – I can tell [from listening to her since 2012] live instrumentation is her thing. I genuinely feel that an acoustic album would be a no-brainer.

So, would I say she’s lost her way? No. Do I think she should stick to and stay as closely as possible to her musical roots? Yes! Certainly so. I don’t think she has anything to prove. If anything, the key room for improvement lies in the hands of whoever she has producing for her. I don’t know, maybe it’s the beat-selection possibly? The album lacked cohesiveness. A majority of its duration was dominated by what I’d describe as a ‘no-flow-slow-progression’. Musically it was enjoyable. Maybe if I wanted to pick two or three songs to play but not the whole thing in entirety, I doubt so… not by selection anyway. But I will say that if you’re looking for the female[‘s] answer to Ed Sheeran and/or heard his sophomore LP, “X” then, Selah Sue is perfect for you. This is almost like a follow up. She’s a singer-songwriter (just like Ed) with her own perspective and thoughts poured into her music. Just the right, ideal artist for some easy-listening music or if you envision yourself in a Lounge. Maybe you desire music that you’d expect to hear in one that creates the atmosphere of one. So yeah… this is that album, Reason. For you!

She’s two LPs in, and has delivered four EPs of music that is more than listenable to my ears. For an artist [who is] consistently producing and putting out music of quality, it’s no wonder she’s had a success in Europe over the past four years and developed a fan base (although, not a huge one – she’s managed to garner the respect of those she does have). I’m quite surprised that she hasn’t gone global yet, actually. From what I’ve been seeing – reception from listeners shows clearly  that the music is quickly resonating, [and] smoothly, too. Let’s see if she’s any more of a success as time passes on. Will her music reach more people;  maybe open up chances of a wider audience – the mass? Who knows. What do you think, though? What’s your verdict, if you’ve heard the album, that is, of course.



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  1. Happy Bank Holiday Monday (to the UK)! I wrote a review of Belgian Recording Artist/Singer-Songwriter Selah Sue’s second studio album, “Reason” which was released March just gone. Have a read at some point today. Enjoy your Bank Holiday.

    Lewis Sinclair


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