Where Did The Class Go?

They don’t have it no more.
If you don’t get messy, they’ll call you a “bore”.
Brand you a “prude” girl, ignore them.
Rise above, ain’t many of you left with decorum.
The good girls left, I adore them.
Just so sad I can’t see the few of you.
Shoutout to you, because my soul is searching for a soulmate which even I lost faith in the existence of, whilst doing my own soul-searching. I’m really screaming. I just sound quiet, if you know me.
If only I could get away from being.
In the midst of these “bad bitches”,
I’m left circling cheap in search of riches.
My apologies, man, if I sound a little ignorant.
I don’t know any better right now, you see. It’s like my vision has been blurred, towards girls I’ve turned belligerent.
“Go, Cinderella”, well it’s Ghost Cinderellas. Dreams become reality’s nightmares – it’s scary because Cinderella turned bad.
Ass-clapping happening, dudes wanna put their paws on them, but I wanna put a pause on that and ask… Who you giving your applause to?


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