The Real Best Friend

U ever had one who… U lost?

U ever had one who… Made U happy?

U ever had one who… Cared about u?

U ever had one who… Tried for U?

Mine, she was 14, I was 16 at first

Mind, she was younger, you couldn’t tell

Now she’s blossomed, mature looking

At her now, it’s sad to see that I lost

Dumb me all along – thought I won, though

Sounds cheesy but

I knew her as Honey

Sweet girl they called her “Hunni”

Just a friend to them

To me she was worth more than money

I felt a connection, naturally

Weren’t a thing you could tell us

Others thought that it was more than friends

And me, I had never felt jealous (Maybe they did)

’til one day I saw the real potential in her

Girl so beautiful I got concerned about other fellas

In the future watching her

That’s when I got insecure, inside

Too many emotions, I’d hide

I didn’t want nobody else having…

A girl who I looked at as a future bride

My pride, just stumped, lower & lower

Chills, Thrills of times we spent

Hairs standing up like erect

Chemistry that could take years 2 build

We were what they call “showers”,

But we’d never show off

Both so quiet much like the grower

Still, we grew closer together

More on each other

Shit seemed so perfect

We didn’t need to mow our grass

It was fine just the way it were

At least to me, that was

She wanted the friendship

I wanted more, way unsatisfied

And “The Grass ain’t always Greener”

That’s when I learnt it

Had the icing on the cake

Wanted to have what I baked & eat the high

Little did I know I burnt it

Too blind

Whilst she was in two minds

I just got a taste that’s how I knew I blew it

My wishes never came true

The candle was through

Flame gone

She’s now one of my old ones

However, she’s still special

Place held endeared to my heart

I won’t lie, like I did to my fellas

I fronted, but if my heart were a mask…

Boy, somebody emotionally comfortable would just flaunt it

Of course, I weren’t accepting who I was

Now that I have and I’ve grown…

I’ve gotten over trying to be Mr. Macho

I’m strong just cut deep down

I smile but my conscience frowns

I drowned the oceans of sorrows, a long time ago

For, tomorrow’s another day

For over 2 years I sorta held a grudge

Finally, last year my mind opened up

I came around to saying sorry

Because I made my mistakes

If I did have a chance to make it up

Of course, I’d do whatever it takes

Without sounding cliché

In the past I got bitter at her other friend

Best Friends with the opposite sex

Man, that’s hard but trying to cover up

That’s harder, top secret

Even girls couldn’t do it & they good

Don’t underestimate them

It’s a shame when you thought a…

Jester was playing you or

Playing with your head, juggling loud thoughts

Playing tricks, but you were wrong

She never lead you on, fool

She was just honest & cared

It may have tore you up

At times, one or two your eyes teared…

But, she taught you what was real

Everything about her, was…


That’s why she was The Real Best Friend.


One thought on “The Real Best Friend

  1. This poem I wrote is dedicated to an old friend of mine.
    I had to learn for myself and really grow out of a bad state. Things can still hurt you from time to time but it IS Life.
    I’m saying. You gotta enjoy the moment(s) you had and shared together with that person. I did. I was just greedy and wanted more since I was caught up.
    This was kind of like my last bone of the skeleton into the closet or “the final nail in the coffin” as I like to call it.
    I miss that girl, I refuse to deny it any more but times have passed, she knows that. She really was the one who told me that, originally. That’s when I knew even though I tried again. Persistent me who doesn’t like to give up.
    Regardless of whatever had happened, it’s still Love from my side. I hope at least ONE person can relate. In my dreams, ideally I hope she has a good life. That would make me happy.

    Thank you, Peace & God Bless to all of you reading,


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