Higher Thoughts Than “Thots”

Win  Dose,  OD  up  on  the  green  you  can’t,  though  –  hell  no. 20 & already trying  to  get  my  pension,  I  see  success  thru  more  than  4 dim(ension)s  than Microsoft,  shed plenty  of  light;  she’d  like  that  because  she   shines  she  an  intelligent  woman  as  like always,  in  all  ways… plus  she ain’t  stuck  in  her  ways.  Strong,  because  she  ready  to  face the  world  on  all  days,  given  any circumstances  even  if  she  got  a challenge  coming  her  way  and  it grace  her  she  still  say  her grace at  the  dinner  table,  since  she  understands  life  gives  you  lessons,  trial  &  error,  easy  or  tough  times  and knows  that  she  can  learn  and take  something  from  that  win  or  loss  –  she  ace,  so  she’s  passing  life anyway  with  honors,  that’s  honorable.  Fast-forward  in  time. So, lest we  worry,  it’s  less  worries  about  bills  to  pay  now  [that  it’s]  just more  opened  gates  for  me  &  we  don’t  need  marquees,  just  keys  to  a  vehicle  to  drive  away  &  plates  4  the Fam  to  eat.  That’s  all  Carat  Gold  to  me,  that’s  the  Real  Treasure  of  Life.


One thought on “Higher Thoughts Than “Thots”

  1. Hello, readers! What’s the dig, hope all is well. This post you’re reading is something I wrote about my thoughts about success. Based upon a dream I had “in a perfect world” where I could live happily, cloud-nine, with a companion I loved who cared less about the negative in life, she just wanted to ride through life, learn. I feel as if though in our generation we are so caught up in life we forget what’s important – a bond between two people, a mutual understanding although they may differ they come to an agreement and meet in the middle to make ends meet and to work. I don’t believe so much in “opposites attract” but I do know you can love somebody different to you, as long as you find SOME common ground…you can get along. It’s about being open-minded. Now I’m no guru or expert BUT that’s the most important thing I’d like to highlight, personally anyway. I’m still learning myself, just being observant of things, seeing what’s going on around me, exactly, listening & taking in – I do hope that you are too, and if not now maybe you will some day?



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