Sour Tears

Sister. My little one.
She growing up, I know how she feels.
Made me cry when she said she waits for me to come back.
I’m out.
She’s [feeling] in(stitutionalised), I used to be, too.
What do I even do?
It’s like I ain’t even out yet, myself.
I’m tryna get us all out.
She’s 13 coming 14.
I’m already past my second decade of living.
“The world ain’t nice” I told her…
“Don’t be afraid to be alone.” and even if get scared from time to time.
Wildest part about it all is, I like my alone time.
But we all need someone.
I’m sat here wondering who really care?
Then as I look over at Krystle, she really there.
My eyes been shut.
I never saw even the brightest gem shining in what’s turned out to be a darker time in my life than I thought.
So, shit, I cried.
Sour tears rolling down my eyes, mouth could taste the bitterness of what people be like.
As they fell, dripped, dropped I had no time to figure out how to hold or control them.
That’s the way I feel about my own life.
Just wanna get this on track.
So I & my Sister can be on a train to happiness that we feel comfortable in.
And I shouldn’t tell shit but, already feel at the bottom anyway, and as of right now, comfortable, we ain’t. We ain’t got that comfort.
Those who got it, you better love it.


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