RIGHT! I need something new to read. I’m all ears to suggestions – just very keen to get back into reading on a daily basis. I know I’m grown up now and not a kid any more, but I realized I don’t read like I used to when I was young, in school (early days). As years started to go on and time faded by, I just read less and less; and so, yeah, it was only last year really I had gotten back into reading. I actually wrote an entry on here containing some words relating to what I am saying here, sort of.

I suppose I could really do with some captivating reads. So, here I am, reaching out to and calling all of the readers across the world! IF YOU SEE THIS, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me something below in the comments section – I would honestly appreciate that one, would be a good deal for me. More than happy to talk, hold a conversation by the way. If you have something to say, don’t be afraid nor hesitate!


– L.S.


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