LET’S UNITE. NOT PART. #InYourDreams2015

Since it’s Black History Month, I felt like it was only right and fitting that I posted this video.  I haven’t done a post FOR Black History Month, purely because I feel like many others do in a sense that one month does not make up for the history and history is something that should be celebrated every day BUT since it’s a timeless record to me, and already a classic visual in my mind that is cool, smooth, fresh, slick, fly (whatever you want to call it) portrays what we should be proud of as Black people…I’m posting it, that’s right!  This showcases how far we have actually came, what we do, how we live, when we’re at our best, when we do enjoy life, what makes us happy, if we just push aside all of the negative things in life… culture.  Not only for those reasons but to me, personally this video represents UNITY, which is why it’s not about just Black, though it is “Black History Month” per se, however this is something that shows how great it could look, how amazing we could be if we stuck together like this and just… had fun.  

Oh yeah, plus: HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE JANELLE MONAE?! WHAT SHE’S ABOUT, WHAT SHE DOES, THOUGH. This woman epitomizes the idea of being Black and still being well-spoken, articulate, educated, classy – which goes back to a short post I put on here last year, proving exactly what I said. Raise your glass, because I propose a toast to somebody like Janelle who maybe not is the most popular, but uses her platform to promote positive messages and causes… She single-handedly is one of the countertypes to what in society is seen as the stereotypical black person; all of these traits that put on us like a label, almost, are decimated by her. On top of that she’s underrated in my eyes, and I just might have to say that I have to disagree with J. Cole *released a super album last December* in him saying “No Role Models”, because DAMN is she one – like she really is one, we got one right here, so don’t worry. Naturally beautiful and truly all about her art, not exposing her body nor objectifying herself as a female. If you’ve not heard of her, If you’re not familiar then I suggest that you go check out her discography; GOOGLE IT!

Shout-Outs go to Alan Ferguson who directed the video.

I’m out and though it’s not something I necessarily agree on really… Happy Black History Month! No reason as to why we shouldn’t celebrate it. Let’s not allow them to take another thing away from us, eh… I mean like, I’m correctly speaking right aren’t I? I know what I’m saying – know that for sure. For once, I can’t be in the wrong this time around, surely.

- L.S.

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