Deceived Brain

I done seen it all
The poetry in motion
I swam the ocean I should have got out of from I put my foot in
The door in which I could have gotten out of was non-existent
I had to find another way
Learned the hard one 
I was blind to what was clear to see
Cleary it was what appeared as invisible to me
She was the same one who thought nothing until late
Yet I still took her on board
That ship had far sailed before it has begun
I just wanted to see what it was though
As much as I can blame her for her wrongdoings
It was my fault too indeed that I pursued the dead weight of a large mass like a whale which sank my little boat
We weren’t in the same one so I was on my own had to wait to get it back up like sex was on cards and I was struggling to paddle it away
To see a brighter day that I’m in now
Thank God I passed, more alive than ever though
Life flashed before my eyes good
Got a better life, more chances on the way
Hopefully I can now sway freely in happiness
In essence, I’m greater off, learned big things along the journey, especially what was my bane of life
Biggest lesson of all being this one: Don’t fool yourself again.


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