Pupil Dilation


Eyes no water

Still, I have thirst

I’m not starved, more say dehydrated

It’s just that my soul needs a burst… of love

I can be fly, but at the same time shy, why?

I’d be lying if I said I was a confident dove –

Black bird, luck don’t loom for me much so I duck like a coward not ready to be hit by something fatal, I want good fate to run into me though, take me over the barricades

I don’t show desperation, I hope anyway

But MAN, the time got me thinking how much of a bitch is this delay!

Standing at a bus stop vibes, can’t get home

THat feeling of a house with shelter is just settling

mMight like the time to myself but damn I don’t exactly love alone

That feeling ain’t matching if it ain’t fulfilling

Liberation, I know is of freeing your self

I don’t feel the pressure from nobody but my mind past all you can eat – it’s like a delph

I’m a young angry kid smashing plates so now I’m playing Irish

Because I have no luck like I said and you’ve probably noticed that… I delve a bit too deep, might as well…

Be violent and use a shillelagh however I don’t resort to it, though I don’t need that

But i’d have every right to in my mind or at least the right one…

My mind too steep, can’t swim enough as it is, let alone clean my slate, my broom won’t sweep it’s now way far too late to clean up the crockery or spread clover, I have none, want more than a girl to spread the legs, but they think I’m just another drunk guy trying to smash after downing cider kegs, where my Eve, I’m Adam, the apple of my eye is what I lust for, the only thing I consider a sin here, to me, is it too much to ask…to be loved. I will give, all that I ask for is it back. The Love.

I just want my pupils to be dilated, I want dilated pupils.

Photo by Krystle (13 year old little sister), TOO GREAT!


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