….Been Reading

“You been out; to any parties lately; clubbing?”


“Nah, just been at home.”

“Why don’t you go out? You’re boring.”

“Not keen on going out, I like it at home.”

“What you do at home, read?”


“So why you been doing?”

“Reading!” *laughs*

TRUE STORY, that’s reality for me, for you right there.

All right, it’s been a while and I’m just now getting back to report what held my interest throughout the period of October. Over the course of last month, I found myself reading a book called “The Soul Of Anna Klane” by Terrel Miedaner. I won’t go into the story itself too much, but all I can say is that my mind has never been held hostage by a book the way this one had it. The way the book is cleverly written, the emotion that one character [Anna] gave me, to a point where I’d become emotionally invested and wrapped up into the book & treated the story like it was real life… I forgot what following a fictional character in a BOOK felt like (being so used to TV series’). This whole time through reading this book, it was like I was being dragged through the journey of ongoing turmoil myself, being pitched inside of a storyline so tense. So many moments gave me a sense of pointless hope, and now I personally thought that would eventually put me off even bothering to continue the book, when actually if anything instead it did the total opposite & drew me in; because NEVER have I carried on reading a book for so long… at 3 AM in the morning…when super tired falling asleep too!

For such a long time I’ve been trying to find something to keep me occupied when free other than the usual abundance of music my ears deal with, and so getting back into reading has provided me an essence, really, of what it feels like to be away from the world of social for a while. I’ve found that reading is teaching me to put down the phone, to open my mind more. I feel more challenged reading a book as opposed to many articles on the Internet. My imagination has opened up. To me, inspiration can loom from anywhere but reading goes conjointly with writing and writing is what I do. The feeling I get from reading books is completely different to reading a digital screen, the vibe feels more natural and in tune with me mentally when I have a book, the physical aspects of the action, to have a book in my hand, tangible and directing more focus towards what I am reading when doing so – no distractions, full concentration.

Reading has really captured me and taken me to a new place I haven’t visited yet… and so it has also played a big part on my writing process. I’ve been working heavily at my writing on a whole, in terms of content, style, for a long time, in bid to boost my confidence which I have acquired but there has been something missing: writing something interesting. Whilst doing all this, a detail I picked up for myself was that the best way to learn how to write an interesting piece for a reader to WANT to actually read, is to read an interesting piece. I don’t feel like I had that before, I still don’t yet and so that’s why I’m still working on it, why I’m open to criticism as to how I can improve (so please do leave a comment of your thoughts, if you are reading this).

A big part of why I started reading books again (luckily, I came across two exceptional ones) was to help me see how I can build stigmas which will magnetise readers – I want people to read my work the way people read books and enjoy them… to have a memory of how great the writing was, and gotten that much pleasure they wish to come back to my blog, or tell people to about it. Everybody has an addiction. I want my writing to be somebody’s addiction, my words to be the clothes they can’t stop buying – coming back to the store for more. So since I figured that I may be a confident writer but being able to write so well is something else, and who really reads in 2014?

Loving the reading of Anna Klane so much influenced me to started reading another book, so I chose The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell). I had questions for so long like: How do I get response from readers? How do I spark discussion/debate? or even: Can I write something which becomes a social event? Now, that book [The Tipping Point] gave me not only the answers I needed to further my knowledge & understanding of the way people work (sort of like a Psychology lesson for Dummies) but also allowed me to increase my plethora of writing styles and skills. For e.g. I focused on the nature of how the book was written to inform – that has already had an effect on the way I read my writing, it makes me now question if am I informing the reader or is this useless information. On the other hand, Anna Klane helped me realize that there are some stories you don’t read everyday nor maybe even get the chance to hear and was a story that showed just that, which made me think: Hmmm maybe I can soon bring things through writing to everyday life that people haven’t read before that make them feel refreshed and encourage them to want to read more, or even simply inspire to be more open to trying new things, discovering a fresh something they didn’t know before. Because I know that people want to feel like that, there’s surely more than myself out here who want to do that.

Evoking emotion through writing is something that I learned from reading The Soul Of Anna Klane – which I know takes mastering, much like writing with objective, which The Tipping Point taught me. I didn’t know how to really do those things before, so now as a testament to prove to myself that I can do it too, I know now that I need to execute them in my future writings. The two books assisted me in understanding the importance of writing styles and purposes; with this they both showed me the impact they can have on a reader. So now, whenever or whatever it is that I’m writing, I’ll be concentrating on the purpose of my content & style of writing.

Reading is helping me with writing, so yeah, um… the partying can wait. I don’t want to get drunk or high. I want my writing to be so high quality that it could probably make people high instead. Ok maybe I’m dreaming.

The next step and stop for me: Minimalising to maximise potential of my content.



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