Like a conversation with God himself

Omen on “Enchanted” from J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights

”Yea, let’s see God I know you only do what’s best for me

But is it cool if we negotiate my destiny?

They always tellin’ me it’s temporary

Than why it’s feelling like a cemetary

My dreams ain’t got no obituaries

My city hurting and none of us were equiped here

You heard me say I was ballin’ I probably make tears

I’m trying to get clear I’m tryna quit fear

Who wrote the scripts here

These kids live there whole life just killing time

Running the race with no finish line

They tryna noose us with they ropes

But I’m tryna climb I think my foolish pride might become my suicide

But I ain’t tryna go, no baby

And through these lines and quotes you gotta find some hope

Cause I ain’t dying

My words gon’ last forever

You can hold the treasure

Look inside you can see a diamond in my mind

I’m tired of seeing dope fiends, wiping they nose clean

Is my neighbourhood just a smoke screen

I think I’m in the Dungeon Fam, I see lo green

Sons raised by bo queens but there’s no kings (No kings, no kings)”

When I first heard this verse, from even the first line, I was instantly captivated, being a firm believer in God. At that period of my life, I was just getting to a stage where I could confidently express myself and had not too long prior to then, started venting – which has become a regular part of my everyday life. When I listened to what Omen was saying, I felt like I could relate, it was almost like a deep intimate conversation I could imagine myself having with God. Him talking about knowing that God only does what’s best for him, asking if God would be willing to let him have input in what his future holds – I clicked, because it was something looming on my mind THEN and is what still does NOW. From the genuine words to little things like the repetition at the end signifying an issue he felt was present in the world.


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