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What I Was Feeling | August 2014

OV This week for the What I Was Feeling column I have chosen T.V. My subject is BoJack Horseman, newly released Netflix original comedy series starring Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris.

How I’m feeling Thank you, Raphael Bob-Waksberg (creator of BoJack Horseman) & Netflix for this show! I enjoyed & managed to finish the first season within a couple of days – tremendous episodes. Much looking forward to season 2.

Synopsis on it… BoJack Horseman (played by Will Arnett) is the fictional primary protagonist, a horse who used to be the star of a hit T.V. show “Horsin’ Around”. BoJack being out of acting and past the peak of his career, finds himself lost not knowing where to go next – he feels as if his life is cast away, he coasts by day. BoJack often gets up in the morning to be joined by Todd (Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad) who lives with him in his condo resided out in Hollywood. He soon gets into the mess of being encouraged to write a book about his life – reluctant to do so, he is assigned with and meets a ghostwriter called Diane, who he soon falls for after a long period of stubbornness during her attempts to get stories out of him for the memoirs. BoJack finds that she is one more thing he can’t have (even in his most luxurious lifestyle) because of an old arch enemy Mr. Peanutbutter, a dog who also was a huge superstar years back around the same time BoJack was then firmly stood as one of the most famous buzzing guys in Hollywood. Still found lost, BoJack starts to think about where he wants to be though nothing seems to be working out for him any more. Join him on his journey in bid to impress people of the world whom he feels are against him.

What I thought of it… I have to highlight how impressive I found the distribution of screen time between the storyline and humour; my main applause favours towards how well I believe the writer mixed these two elements together throughout the course of the 12 episodes, seeming to gel hand in hand. The quips in the dialogue aren’t far fetched or witty, rather than that they seemed quick and simple, instead of forces lines. I made that clever jokes were unnecessary for the nature of the show, especially with characters such as Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter since in some episodes there are scenes where there is sudden imploding of action, so to me they were far from lacking entertainment. I find Todd to be interesting, seeing as the actor who does the voiceover (Aaron Paul) played a more intense role in Breaking Bad, whereas in this series he is more of a backseat character who is relaxed which gives something new for any of his supporters or Breaking Bad fans to see, a chance to look at the different side to his acting.

The storyline was the main course of this show, the humour played its role on the side bringing a sense of entertainment for me – I saw quickly, soon that those two assets offered best of both worlds. Without the humour, I would suggest that the show would be dire for viewers to watch, likely to repel them from watching as opposed to evoking a keen cunning notion for the next episode; which is where the quips shine and add enjoyment. The show is very relaxed rather than something that would have you on the edge of your seat, meanwhile this is not to worry though the quality of it isn’t brought down, it lacks no less. Although I can imagine many viewers would want, as well as expect to be on the edge of their seat for a viewing, do not expect BoJack to give you this. For a storyline that was serious, one of my thoughts would be on how easily I forgot. My hugest concerns be that the show has very little more to offer than what similar animated comedies do, leaving it limited & to fall behind.

Whereas the show carries its weaknesses, I think BoJack Horseman still manages to pick and excel through a strength that is in its audience and episode duration (25 mins per episode). The time length of the episodes seem ample for easy viewing, giving viewers more freedom to watch whether it be in the day or night. I shoot at this factor and cite it as a pro for the simple reason that I know people fall very impatient with things and they don’t want a dragged out episode that’s like a film when it’s supposed to be for T.V. never mind cinema, not to mention that they have a bunch of episode to get through. I think of it as a music analogy: there’s a difference between LP and EP, when listening to music do you want a short sitting or a long one? The same applies to T.V. and Film. Well, good news, the thing about this show is that the episodes know how to bridge the gap; because, whilst you have short funny episodes to watch, you also have storyline packed in to go with that, which, to me, is something I think may be a winner for BoJack Horseman. I feel like the show will be either a sleeper hit or a show that fails to take off simply due to the popularity of Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, and even fellow Netflix original: Orange Is The New Black, that are still dominating T.V. shows in 2014, and despite its final season being just under a year ago, a show like Breaking Bad is an example of something with a social hype, more and more people. With all of above being said, I do say that if there is any animated show you should check out for an easy watch any time you feel like: “I wanna be lazy today, let me kick back and watch some T.V.” then this is me telling you that it is the show you should watch, this is what I’m recommending to you.

How I conclude to my feeling towards it… When all is said and done, I know that I will be there for the second series of BoJack Horseman. I pray they don’t cancel it. Will you be keen to tune in or to try an episode for the first time? I got a Penny for your thoughts, baby (I’m not sorry, Leonard Hofstadter). What you’re thinking, are you feeling what I was feeling? Just let me know in the comments…below!



Days Before Rodeo | Travi$ Scott.

If you’re a fan of heavy production then, this is for you. This is something your ears will enjoy for you, trust me!

Sign Language | Ty Dolla $ign

Unique melodies, catchy hooks, some of the best contemporary RnB music you’ll hear the sound of in 2014. If you’re familiar with his previous work such as “Beach House” (EP & MIXTAPE) or even his featured verses then you’ll like, I promise this guy’s music is hard to not like. Get familiar!


Good Will Hunting (Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Minnie Driver). It’s an old one but like me you might not have seen it until this year like I did a couple weeks back now but I’m still gonna throw it in here anyway. Just an all round good film in general to watch, not tedious in any form.

Thank you, for reading! Follow if you’re feeling me, open to any of your thoughts on my writing or blog in general and I will… see you next week yo, hope my recommendations may be up to your standards.

Love yourself!



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