Vine: Hip-hop’s new blow up point.

Vine is the new blow up point for the popular rap songs that we never expected to blow nor thought would hit the charts. Whereas before the time of social networks, music videos and radio would serve as the main marketing source for a single to give it the push that it needed to be going anywhere as far as charting would go. It seems that nowadays Vine has had power in helping rap songs get the pushes it needs to reach the masses.

Thanks to the huge short-form video service (owned by the second biggest social network to date, Twitter estimated at 310 Billion) we have had songs from rappers with a recent buzz who were once less known [YG “My N*gga” peaked at #19 on Billboard Hot 100, K Camp “Cut Her Off” peaked at #49] break the charts with what, for a rap song in this modern day, would be considered a huge success.

With Vine now being an app/utility used daily by so many people who have their mobile phones in their hands, the future is bright for these same anthems you hear, not only in the club, but now in 7 second clips – giving the single greater chance of chart topping. So, what better way than a 7 second clip? Quick, compact, not of large time consumption, easily accessible… it’s just what the people need, and with the people making these Vines it seems unstoppable because the cycle is so efficient, almost like a process with the stages often being as follows:

– A Vine clip is posted

– Somebody is a fan of the clip, then they share it with a friend by a simple text or the world via their own page on a social network i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

– The clip blows up (grows and becomes popular – a viral sensation or internet meme) then sometimes even a celebrity with a massive fan base sees this clip and posts it on their page, with this giving it even more chance of getting to the people leading to the view count then skyrocketing to a huge amount.

Now the way Vine clips and music go synonymously hand in hand (especially rap) works quite simple. It’s a case that one funny clip with a song which just so happens to be catchy can cling to the viewer’s liking, which can trigger a question such as: “what song is this?!” so what next then? they might take the few lyrics they heard and Google them to find out what it is. The result of this usually ends up with YouTube being the automatic destination to find out what it is. Once they get to there, they listen to the song which generates what? an extra view to the count.

Now imagine that one thought that many people have shared in common after watching this short clip multiply and then you’ll see that there is already a big rise of views awaiting. So you can imagine the power that one clip has to send the people crazy.

On an artist’s music video you are likely to see a comment like: “Vine brought me here!” to which another person replies: “which one?” this again shows the power of the people and how word of mouth communication can do a lot.

A Vine clip in 2014 is hard to escape when these are clips being watched every day. Clips that we see so much of. Vine is here to stay and does not appear to be going anywhere, any time soon.

In terms of rappers being a success in the charts U.S or Worldwide, it’s a struggle naming even 10 rappers seeing success with every single they release. The question is: besides the likes of Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem… who else is REALLY getting to compete with the current dominators of the Billboard Hot 100? (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Pitbull, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams).

Could Vine be the best thing that has happened to hip-hop in years? Is this a send off to success in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart only? For now, it seems the whole connection between Vine clips & rap singles are off to a good start – however only time will tell where this relationship that looks so strong will go.



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