Finally completed the trilogy of A Tribe Called Quest first three albums last night in the a.m., with Midnight Marauders being the last one i had left to listen to—phenomenal.

But yeah, so… This is where it gets weird, right…
Since i have a playlist comprised of music (full-length projects to be specific) on my phone that i’ve yet to listen to for first times, what i now do, is listen from the top of the playlist where i finish off (sometimes going from one project straight into another).

So, last night, i played three albums. After Midnight (the Tribe album and literally, in terms of what time it was), i jumped straight into Riff Raff’s Peach Panther… And it BANGED—super hard like Rottweiler; shit was super early morning glory. Once finished listening, i was just like… ‘The bars and hooks were genius, and all of those beats were nasty.’ Damn, Jody!
Anyway, i get onto my third and final listen of the night—though it would have been fourth, as i was tempted to listen to The Infamous by Mobb Deep after this one—What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye… emotional.

As i sat there listening in retrospect, to a 30/31-year-old singing his blues regarding troubles of the world in 1971, i couldn’t help the melancholy that was the fact i feel the same way Marvin felt. “Save The Children” probably stood out to me the most. This album came out 23 years before i was even but a mere sperm, let alone a physical existenceyet, it’s 45 years since its release, and there was me, 21-years-of-age, feeling connected, yo. It does hurt, though, that these exact issues he addressed still exist today; and maybe will do forever if something serious isn’t done or doesn’t happen/take place. Can’t call it; i don’t know—perhaps the world is the world, and this is the way of it. It’s Still Going On, Marvin.



LSNCLR’s ‘Subtle Changes, 8th August’ | photo by Krystle Sinclair

Feeling SUPER accomplished & fulfilled (a creator’s geek-out moment/wet dream)

Always wanted to try my hand in recreating a photograph, and was so keen to recreate the original (left) that it became like a sickly disease. Thought it would be interesting to see the changes between this year and last.

Big up Krystle, for putting up and having patience — we managed to get a near-duplicate (right).


Buss da GEMS

you know it’s a quality interview when Westwood isn’t asking questions and lets a guy such as Bussa Buss drop insights, knowledge, stories all from his own personal experience & observation.

i’m glad that Busta touched on the gap between the beginning of hip-hop and where it’s gotten to now; its current juncture. it’s important that guys like Buss are around “to remind,” like he said and spoke of Q-Tip and the other “gatekeepers” of the culture.

P.S. Busta Rhymes i.m.o, is definitely one of the greatest rappers in hip-hop to touch it. nothing but respect for an OG such as him, 25 years in; with it being such a blessing to have him still relevant and willing to contribute to what’s going on; feeling discontent with what he’s done for the ting thus far. and if his next album is really what he’s cracking it up to be, then i’m supe-r-eady to hear what he threw in the cauldron.

what was going on with Westwood’s hand, though?


it’s been a WHIIILE, mate. if you didn’t know ans haven’t been keeping track of his movements over the past year, Wretch has been quietly heating up again. the kettle whistled long time. if you didn’t catch it, then peak. yuh tea nah brew up just yet, and this kinda stuff is too cold for any nation to bear.

this is the [real] “fire.” DI REAL, MY LARD! BLESS the brudda Wretch for continuing to give us nothing but his everything.

POWERS inna di locs, warriyah.



i guess that 2016 is the year where we see a lot of legends like PRINCE and this one go.

full hail for the LEGENDARY. respect for any like her.

it’s actually kinda saddening, because i was thinking this morning about ‘what if Parents ever died before me? would i really get to see her again? is it all just a matter of faith?’ plus it’s my Mom’s birthday tomorrow (as I’ve just remembered again and put this part in as an edit at 22:06/07 on 03.05.2016). 20 years between you & your son. so with that fresh in mind, i pray that, yeah, hopefully there is a heaven for you to be reunited with Pac again.

for your wide span of contribution; for birthing your son. so… i gotta:


R.I.P. AFENI SHAKUR. a Black Panther; a Philanthropist, and most of all: a smart, strong woman.